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Monday, November 7, 2016


Happy Birthday sweet v!! 10!!

her favorite toy

4th grade rocket launch!

sisters with the same pants :)

goof ball, running around while it was still nice out. she was flipping her hair like crazy.

big sis had to step in to help :)

so beautiful!

pizza for her dinner! and a boot full of root beer :)

her toy husky with her baby brownie!

had to get her eyes checked and dilated!

Danny ordered a two pound taco!!

he was very proud!

v wanted to pretend it was hers!

pretending she ate the whole thing!

all the cousins!!

poop head!

playing with the puppies :)

her first ever lego set!

our skeleton chihuahua :)

new glasses
 we had to drive to philly for a follow up visit for gerri, reilly really wanted to go, her first time :)
the girls had SO much fun!
therapy dog night!! stella and abner :)

so much loving!

a baby to love on! :)

pretending to be dr during our very very long wait!

making her stretch while we wait :)

Happy Halloween!

enough candy?? :)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

School Starts!! September 2016!

I bought a new latte machine! :)

Reilly has been asking for a second ear piercing :)

First day of school!!
hardest part was waking up! :)

had to get brownie in there!

can't believe he is going into 8th grade!

beauty is going into 8th grade too!

a very nervous 6th grader!!

first time she has no siblings at school with her! 4th grade!

standing strong! time to go!

G and I had to make a quick trip to Philly, time to say goodbye to her fixator!!

right after surgery (she is still drugged up), getting fitted for new afo's

we went to the beach to celebrate the end of the first week of school!

it was so beautiful out!

water was chilly!

hunting for hermit crabs

just strolling along

time to head home

R just loves brownie!

Friday, September 2, 2016

End of Summer!

For the first time the kids went away to camp. We dropped them off on Sunday afternoon and picked them up on Friday afternoon. We have never been apart more than one night, besides adoption trips. The kids were all very nervous.
It was SO quiet at home! 

brownie did not know what to do with herself! it was SO quiet!

first friday pickup! all the kids got awards :)

they all made tie dye shirts
 they slept most of the days off after coming home! I spent a day doing laundry!
then the next thing we knew it was time for them to head back.

closing ceremonies, end of camp!

a very quiet ride home! :)
 then it was time for back to school haircuts!



 then it was time for v and r to get their annual eye checkups!
waiting patiently! :)

i can see it!

how cool!

Trying on new frames is SO much fun!!
V's eyes tested well and she does NOT need glasses any more!
R's eyes got a bit worse and she had to get new stronger glasses!
None of them are ready for school to start.
G was very worried about going to middle school. her siblings were nice enough to scare her all summer about how much harder it is :)