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Monday, April 21, 2014


Waiting at the airport! Found someone to make bracelets with!

We rented a car to do some sightseeing :) so tiny!

First night and totally exhausted!! Danny had to sleep on cushions since the rollWay came the next day
We drove down to akumal and met up with an amazing group ezsnorkel, that helps people with special needs and disabilities. For the first time Gerri and Danny were able to snorkel!! We saw lots of fish, turtles, cannons. Loved it!! Thanks to Jeri Sayer for hooking us up!! Guillermo, you are amazing!!!!
We were treated like royalty! And as soon as I develop the underwater camera I will post the pics. Ezsnorkel posted some on their fb page :)

Then Kat drove us around their little neck of the woods, and we swam in Cenotes!! It was amazing!!

The girls swam and swam!

Then Kat took us to a cave with a Cenote and Bats!! So so cool!

There were a couple of boys splashing water at the bats and getting them to fly all over!

Then Kat took us for an authentic lunch!! Yummy!

She dared Dan and Danny to eat some habenero's! Danny refused to admit they were spicy! Even with his eyes watering :)

Danny loved being with Ms. Kat!

Dessert time!!

A papaya flower!!

And the ride home!

We only got stopped by the police twice :) luckily we had no idea they wanted bribes so we we're let off both times. And we were not speeding at all, but it was obviously a rental car.

Easter Sunday was amazing!
We got all dressed up and went to services at a beautiful open air church.
We thought it was going to be in English, but it was in Spanish and it was beautiful!

They had some hawks at the resort so the kids got some education!

The kids played some water volleyball!

We gave some grapes to this cutie!
The weather has been amazing!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy day to me!

YouTube Video

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

fun day at work!

Friday at work was going to be so much fun!
I snuck Danny down early in the morning to find this in the parking lot:

all the workers were standing inside watching :)

here is the old a/c unit!

hooking up the crane!

up off the platform!

and away it goes!!

Danny and Grampy were totally enthralled! :)
(love this pic!)

new unit swinging into place!

so amazing! fit right in place :)
 they did it all so fast it was amazing! I was able to leave and take Danny to school and he made it before the buses even got there.

I was SO excited to get this in them mail when I got home!!!
thank you Rachelle!! :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Morning pt

What does the fox say??

YouTube Video

The fun way to do pt!

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowed in!

Still snowing! Was only supposed to be 6", and was supposed to stop after lunch!

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