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Friday, July 27, 2007

Just got back!

This is where we anchored between Keewaydin Island and Little Marco Island. We were here two days. Several houses on Little Marcho Island but they all seemd shut up tight. The dogs liked being near the beach and we walked and swam quite a bit. Unfortunately if the wind did not stay up the no-see-ums would eat you alive!
It is so nice to have a generator and be able to have the ac going at night. We were able to get cbs on the tv intermittantly, but no internet connection.
I brought the new harry potter book and have been reading it whenever the boat is quiet, which is nap and bed time :)

Our manly anchor drill! Pulling up the anchor and ready to go.

This is a view of Marco Island as we pass by.

Here we are leaving Marco Island and this dolphin was jumping our wake, driving the dogs crazy!

This is Lofton Island that we anchored behind for 2 days. It is in the Caloosahatchee River. The weather was really not bad, little bit of rain, but the breeze kept the bugs away. We swam off the boat, dinghied into the empty island to let the dogs run (as well as Danny). We also swam there and Victoria got to feel the sand in her toes and hands, and butt! We dinghied into Ft Myers and walked around, had lunch and enjoyed ourselves. Funny how it takes several days to really unwind and relax.

Stopping in at City of Ft. Myers Marina for an ice cream!!

We got back to the marina by lunch time Thursday and was home by 1:00. The dogs were very happy to be back home!

We do not know when we will be going back out again as Dan has shoulder surgery on Tuesday. Hopefully it will only be 6 weeks before he feels good enough.

ps-no boat problems this time!! (knock on wood)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

ssshhh.....its a secret......

don't tell anyone, but we are all on board the boat. We are heading down the river tomorrow to sites unknown ;) We are afraid to say too much as the boat might hear us and something else will break down......

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Getting ready! :)

Danny driving the duck in Boston!

We are getting the boat outfitted with a canvas/stainless awning to be able to close off the back of the boat from sun and rain. Tomorrow should be the installation and then measurements will be taken for the screen and canvas.
We are planning on heading out on Monday for a couple of days, maybe down to the keys, maybe not :) We are a little afraid to go too far from our area till we don't have any more boat problems.
Just as we were heading out to the boat today to load up some provisions the phone rang, it was the realtor. She was calling to tell us they were going to show our house in 3 hours!! We had to drop everything to do a mad rush to clean the house! Our realtor just got the front cover of the local homeseeker, so she expects things to be busy this next week. At least the house is clean now!! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

She is growing up so fast!!
Do you think the walker will fit on deck???

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trip Day 3 - travel home

I am ready to clean the bottom of the boat now!

I am ready to steer now! I am 9 months old now!

Yes, I am teething!! and yes this is a DOG treat!! :)
I turn my back for one second!!

We were up at 6:00 and decided to head home today. The weather was beautiful, we could see rain in the distance though. We headed out into the Gulf to go around Ft Myers beach and up to the river and it was a little rough. Danny did not like it much so he laid down and napped. Victoria sat in her bumbo seat and just loved the breeze on her face and going up and down. The ride was completely different once we got into the river and it was nice and calm. Danny got up, put his life jacket on and ran around on deck with maggie. Every time they saw a dolphin they would both scream and yell. Ginger would come running out of the cockpit each time she heard them barking!
Just as we pulled around the corner from the marina the sky got dark and I just knew what was going to happen! Dan pulled in while I manned the lines. It started sprinkling and by the time I had to jump on the dock it was pouring! We learned our lesson from the other day and had maggie tied off before we hit the dock.
We decided to wait out the storm and have lunch and relax.
Dan called the mechanic once in the car and he was not happy to hear that the boat would still not start. Within 20 minutes we got a call from the mechanic who was on board to see what happened.
We went out to dinner at Big Al's where Victoria was a big hit with all the waitresses. She actually "ate" some french fries and some oatmeal cereal with prunes and chicken. Yumm!
While we were eating Dan got a phone call from the mechanic who was done at the boat, he replaced a solenoid and some wires and he said it was running great!
Now THAT is service!!
Needless to say we were all really tired from being outside and were all asleep by 9.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Trip - Day 2! Happy 4th!!

Danny and Maggie on lookout!

The water spout over the river!

Hanging out in the cockpit.

Look what I found!!

I hear this is good for teething pain!!
She is truly a Thornell!!

We got up at 7:00,Dan ran in with the dogs for a potty run, we pulled up anchor and headed down the river. We decided we weren't going to let the boat problems hold us from enjoying the fourth. The river started getting busy from all the people off today for the holiday. We decided to head down by our house. We saw lots of rain off in the distance, but luckily didn't really hit any.
Just after we got out of the river we heard boaters on the vhf talking about a water spout and could see it! It was really spooky! The funnel cloud is a tornado, just over the water. We took the inland route and boated between the islands and Ft Myers Beach and Bonita Beach. It was low tide and there were lots of boats out fishing, many anchored in the middle of the channel!
We anchored off Lovers Key right across from doggie beach, the dogs got antsy right away watching all the dogs playing. We all got in the dinghy and motored across the channel. Victoria had never been in the dinghy and did not know what to think of it. As we got close to the beach both dogs jumped out. We anchored the dinghy and let the dogs run. Victoria and I sat in the water and she put her toes in the sand for the first time. She just looked all around wide eyed!
Dinner was hotdogs, macaroni salad and potato salad. Dessert was fourth of july cookies! Both kids were asleep at 8.
Dan & I sat in the salon, with the ac running, watching "Casino Royale". He had a beer and I had a glass of wine. What a tough life!
We heard some fireworks off in the distance but kept the movie on loud so the dogs would not hear them and go crazy.
Hope everyone had a very happy 4th!
Please everyone keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another Trip!!

Danny not wanting his picture taken!

Boats are cool - there are all sorts of neat toys here! (Yes she is standing up on the seat)

Sunset over the Caloosahatchee Bridge

You would think we would learn our lesson wouldn't you?? :)
The mechanic called the house this morning to say the pump was in and he was sending a guy out around lunchtime. Within an hour we had all showered, dressed and packed and were on our way to the boat!
We got there just in time for Victoria to eat and go down for her nap.
While she napped Danny & I ran up to Publix to get food and was back within 30 minutes.
During this time Maggie, the escape artist, managed to get herself off the boat twice! The first time she just ran around the parking lot, but the second time she ran out the parking lot and crossed SR31 several times. All we could do is watch as the cars whizzed by! There were some prisoners doing roadside cleanup and she checked them out. Dan jumped in his truck and drove over to where she was, opened the door and the pain in the a** jumped right in his truck and promptly sat down to rest! I could have killed her! We don't know what we are going to do to her if she keeps this up it is just a matter of time before she gets hit :(
The mechanic showed up just as we finished up lunch and it took him about an hour to get the new pump put into the generator. We started it up and it is working great! He then headed over to the port engine to see what he could find out. Within 10 minutes he found the wires that connect the neutral safety switch to the engine was corroded and that was why the engine wouldn't start!! He cleaned the connection, replaced the caps and oila' the engine started right up!! We think it was connected to the shaft seals leaking and spewing salt water over the engine for god knows how long.
By now it had started raining, but that did not stop us from heading away from the marina and down the river. :)
We decided to anchor just off the fort myers city marina, there is an island for the dogs to run on. There are docks off the island but nothing else there.
By the time we put the anchor out and got ourselves organized Victoria was up from her afternoon nap and we all sat in the cockpit and chilled out!
Dan made the cardinal mistake of turning off both engines and then just for the heck of it start the port one again - you got it, it will NOT start again!!
Dan is just going to wait till tomorrow to see if the connection needs to be cleaned again, it is too hot now. ARGH!
Dinner was a lovely chicken pot pie cooked in the oven :)
Both kids are sound asleep in their beds, later than usual but it was so beautiful out!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Yup, Still Waiting!

Getting the band going!

No news on the generator pump or when the mechanic will be there to trouble shoot the port engine. It is so frustrating to have the boat and not be able to travel. :(
Today we went to the boat just to sit on it and relax!
Dan was able to change out 5 out of 6 zincs on the starboard engine, with minimal swearing :) He can not get to the 6th one yet, but he will work on it.
Dan will call the mechanic again tomorrow to check on the pump, I can't believe it takes over a week for a pump to be shipped from TN.