Join us in the adventures of our family, with our Belarussian Prince, Guatemalan Princessa and Ukrainian Princesses!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A busy day!

Time to wake up!!!
Breakfast in bed!

I had to take Danny to camp as Dan had a Dr's appt so Lindsey watched the girls )
Here is where the kids meet

Danny settled right in with his group

How cool is this water slide! They get to go on it with their group a couple of times during the day

Dan then had to run to the boat and I had to take Gerri to PT. Victoria wanted to stay at the house with Lindsey!
Ms Sarah had a new toy!!!

Gerri was SO excited to use it!!

She still can't steer worth a darn!

She did the big loop around the office, out the door, into the hallway and outside the building!

She then worked on her balance and crossing her arms across her body by fishing!

She was even able to straddle it!!
Hard to believe that 3 months ago her muscles were SO tight she couldn't even separate her legs!

We are working on building up her endurance on her knees and hands, she did the whole puzzle!!
Needless to say she was very tired after PT today!

When we got home Ms V was SO happy to tell us about her special time with Lindsey. She changed her clothes :) (hey at least she was wearing clothes) and had fun!

We had to pick Danny up early from camp since we were taking him to see a psychologist. We need to get him tested before school starts. We need to start working on some of his behaviours and issues. We really need to work on his self-confidence and self calming. The girls were very happy to stay home with Lindsey :)
They helped her unpack and played salon :) :)
Danny was very happy to be alone with mom and dad. The psychologist's office overlooked the St Augustine harbor and the view was incredible!
Danny did really good answering his questions and we wll meet weekly as the Dr gets to know us. He is setting goals for himself. We will see how things go!

Man - it was SO wonderful to have the extra set of hands!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fl sunshine!

This is what we found on the couch when we woke up :)
She is holding the glow in the dark necklace that Lindsey gave her

Lindsey did each of the girls hair :)

And then they did hers :)

We took her to the big pool!

And they swam and swam

They are SO cute together!

Lindsey chillin out to her music!

When we got home the girls promptly napped :)
Lindsey walked the dogs :)

Danny and Dan got home from camp and Danny ran out to play with the girls on the trampoline!

Our first full day with 4 kids!! Boy it helps have a teenager in the house!!
The kids fight over her :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Woo Hoo - our summer surprise is here!!!!

We had to get things ready for our surprise!!
Here is the seat of honor!

We moved the futon out of the girls room and made some space in the play room

Which left a neat little corner in the girl's room

Hey what is this under the pillow??

A little note from each kid :) :)

We had to kill time so we headed to the pool

Monkey see monkey do :)

Then it was time to head to the airport - hey where is my company???

Woo hoo!! Here she is!
This little sweetie is Lindsey!
She is Jodi's daughter and is here for the summer!

The kids could not wait to show her the whole house, all their toys, her room, etc etc etc

Of course some nail polish came out!
Since Danny could not get his nails done (he is at cub scout camp all week)
He was nice enough to do Lindsey's toes!!!

After a quick dinner the kids had tubs and then Lindsey brought out their goodie bags!!!
Ginger had to check to make sure everything was ok!

Then Danny came out and got his goodie bag :)
So Maggie had to come out and check everything out too!!

How stinkin sweet is this!?!?!?

Thanks Jodi for lending us your daughter for the summer!!!
The kids are head over heels in love!

another day of PT and THE DAY!

Balancing on the ball was really hard for Gerri.
She hates not feeling secure!
Ms Sarah had her reaching for the horseshoes and throwing them, rolling on her back and bouncing

Standing up using crutches!!
This was very hard for her and very scary! But she did it!

We are heading off to the pool and then we head to the airport to pick up our big surprise summer guest!!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy time in old town!

Friday morning we met with the adoption lawyer to get our paperwork squared away.
I was close in what I did, but it was not quite right :(
So since I adopted as a married individual we need to actually do 2 cases. The first is a readoption for me, which is basically the state of FL recognizing the foreign adoption. The second is a stepparent adoption for hubby. Since the state of FL will recognize my adoption and I am consenting to the stepparent adoption it should be very cut and dry for the judge. And since we will have a lawyer with us we should go first! The lawyer was very nice adn had adopted a child from Russia many years ago. Since I had done much of the paperwork he was able to only charge us one flat fee for both cases. We will go in next month to sign the papers, they will file an amended petition and we will go to court in August.
Since we were in St Augustine to see the lawyer we decided to go take the city trolley tour with the kids.

Gerri was just fascinated!
Here is the Old Senator - it is a VERY old oak tree - over 200 years old

This street is "old Magnolia" or something - how beautiful

This is a fake coquina wall - made of razor sharp oyster shells!

The fountain of youth!

The kids were listening very intently to the guide!

This cross is supposed to be the second largest steel monument after the golden gates

The old drugstore!

I almost bought this tea, but hubby said I was smart enough :)

We had lunch at the Irish pub and watched world cup soccer!

Victoria and I were right in front of the AC so this was her solution! Man she is just too smart!

After lunch we put the kids in front of us together

The infamous fort!

A replica of the ramparts

The city gates!


On Sunday we got out our wheels!

Gerri rode the jeep all by herself!
She just could NOT get the hang of steering :)

Heading down the street

We have been cleaning and rearranging to get ready for our big summer surprise!!!!!!