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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

catching up!!

Sorry it has been a while since I updated, but it has been a very hard month.
We had to say goodbye to our first baby :(
Fly high my sweet beautiful Ginger!
She was 15 years old and we had her since she was a puppy.
She was the sweetest dog in the world.

It is the first time the kids have ever had this happen and it hit all of us very very hard.
I still miss her so very much!
 Then it was time for Halloween:
Victoria wore her Guatemala outfit

Gerri wore her Ukrainian outfit

then it was parade time

her skirt came undone :)

Halloween cupcakes :)

Trick or Treat!! :)

Lots of loot! :)
Happy Veterans Day Daddy!!

Ms V got glasses!!! :)

We went to see Wild Kratts, it was awesome!

they were so amazing!