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Monday, October 31, 2011

SNOW day!!!

look ma!!!

this is saturday night

sunday morning

fell on our roof

our only heat and light - no power!

daddy got to use his snow blower!

fl dogs - what is this !#$&&(*^

not so bad!!

ready to play

making a snowman!

decorated with tree boughs

auntie took them to see puss in boots on Sunday - we still had no power!
she brought costumes!!!

so excited!!
We got the call Sunday night saying 75% of our city had no power, including the schools so the kids have their first snow day!!!!!
Our power finally came back on at 3 am this morning!!

Friday, October 28, 2011


Last night the weatherperson said snow - say what?!? it is only October!!!
The kids made us promise that if it was snowing when we went to bed we were to wake them so they could see it
at 8:30 Dan said "snow" WHAT?!?

as you can see they are VERY happy to be woken up to see the snow!!!
 random snow pictures - I was so excited!! nothing better than the first snow of the year!

snow on the pumpkin :)

The kids were very excited when I woke them up this am to see the snow!!
none of them remember seeing it last night, so I had to show the picture I took of them :)

Danny was dying to shovel! Gerri was SOSOSOSO excited about walking in the snow!
 Gerri has NEVER touched the snow!! how could that be? because in Ukraine she was not mobile, so she was never out in the snow unless she was traveling somewhere, but NEVER allowed to touch it or play in it!!
Gerri held onto Danny going down the ramp and walking around - it was a bit slippery

they walked to the bus stop, playing, singing and sliding :)

our first delivery of firewood!!
We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow too!! We are definately not in FL anymore :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dancing and playing!

Sunday was dressup day :) The girls love to pick dresses out of their dress up box!
Dancing together :) so sweet!

coloring break!
 Gerri has been a bit under the weather, it is SO obvious
hanging out with me while Danny and Victoria played together

she did not wear this to school :) she changed once home
 Grampy and Grammy came over for dinner and dessert on Sunday. Nana brought over decorate your own cookies!!
They each picked butterflies to decorate

he couldn't wait to eat it!

very happy to eat!

so proud!
My mom came over sat and sun to change the dressing on my leg. By sunday night the muscle cramps were horrible, so I kept stretching, walking around and icing my thigh.
Monday am my PT came over to stretch and check my leg. The swelling has gone down 4 cm since last Thurs, so she thinks that is why I am having muscle cramps too. The regular visiting nurse came next to look at the rash, check my blood and take vitals. The Pt told her that the rash looked bad and I think made the nurse nervous about it, so she called my Dr to let them know about it.
The Dr's office called back to ask me to come in so they could see it. So I got to go for a car ride!! First time I saw the Dr since my surgery! He was actually very happy with how mobile I was. He cleaned up the incision, took off some old yucky steri-strips, put some new ones on to close a small opening in the incision, and wiped down the rash. He is pretty sure that it is just an allergic reaction to the tegaderm bandages they used in the hospital.  The anitbiotic that the nurse put on my leg on Thursday just aggravated it. He told me to go ahead and take a shower(!!!!) and let the warm soapy water wash over my leg, then dry it completely and keep it uncovered. And he let me take my TED stocking off my left leg! So all in all it was good to see him.  He did not want to give me anything for the muscle cramps :( So hopefully they get better each day.
Victoria took this picture of Dan and the PA, Heather

I just can't get very comfortable at night, so I toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable and finally get out of bed around 4 or 5 and move onto the couch where I can sit up.
The kids have been so great about helping do things.
Dan has stepped up and done everything, not the way I would do and it has been hard to just sit back and be greatful :) but I am trying!
I took a shower this am and it felt SO good!! All 3 kids were standing outside the bathroom when I got out, saying how exciting it was I could take a shower. I guess 10 days without a shower was enough for them :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

just hanging around

trying to catch up on emails :)

ok, ms V, give me my iphone!

She got off one more picture of her baby "pink"

The it was time to keep me company :)
 I am sore and tired. My right knee and calf are sore as I try to learn to walk without twisting. I can sleep for a bit,but then get so uncomfortable i have to shift around. I get up each morning around 4 and move into the couch to sit up and fall asleep again. I get up and "walk" a lap every hour to stretch.
yup, my poor skin - allergic to the tape from my bandage.
It is SO itchy! The yellow is left over bruise.

The girls playind dress up and dancing to Strawberry this am :)
I am waiting on mom to come help me with my skin, the kids are being really good. Dan took some much needed "me" time to go to the range with my brother in law.
I am not at the "happy I did the surgery" feeling yet :)
Maybe next week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

home and updating :)

finally in my room friday night, swollen and so not happy or feeling good.
You can't see my hand holding the pain medication button.

nana and Danny putting pillows under my feet cause my heels were SO sore from being in one spot on the bed

my blown iv on Sunday, no one was happy that the anesthesia student put it inside my elbow, every time I moved my arm it set off the darn alarm. An iv nurse had no problem getting me a good iv in my wrist :)

this is the whole incision! I can't believe how small it is!
darn it though, no more bikinis :) The stitches are dissolvable so I don't have to have them taken out.

turkey, gravy, sweet potatoes and rice pilaf - yum!
and if I didn't call down for a meal I would get a call asking me if I wanted any food :)

Dan and Victoria came to visit Monday after preschool when we thought I was being discharged. Then my blood pressure took a dive again and I got transfused 2 units and it took almost 10 hours!! It was exhausting!

the first bag - see the sun out :)
I was SO happy to be home yesterday. I was so happy to be in my clothes! and in my house. The nurse was great about getting me to take a pain pill before I left the hospital knowing I would overdue it.  I was in bed last night at 8:00 but kept waking up. My nurse did not bring me my tylenol early this morning (he was snoring!) so I got out of bed at 5:30, took some tylenol and sat up in the sofa.
My PT visiting nurse came by to meet me, check out the house, watch me walk and take vitals. She was really nice and Victoria was totally showing off :)
She wants me up and walking every hour. She was very happy with my range of motion. My right thigh is swollen and is 6 inches bigger around than my left thigh. The skin is tight and sore. I don't even think I have any real bone pain, I am not sure. My blood pressure is low again and she wants me to monitor it. She also told me to not be a martyr and take the pain meds as needed since it is only 6 days out of surgery. My gait is off since my right leg feels longer, but she says as the swelling goes down it will get better. She also said I am turning my leg out, which is just how I was used to walking for so long because of the pain.
She is coming back tomorrow to check on me again and the visiting nurse will also be out to do a blood draw.
I can't imagine how stir crazy I am going to get after weeks at home!!
I am off to bed (and I am taking a pain pill before bed!)
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!!