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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am ready! I think! prayers!

We have been getting the house ready for me when I get released home next week:
Our new higher toilet and grab bar in the master bath

this will go on top of our new toilet

Uncle built an awesome ramp for me and Gerri

Our new fireplace insert was installed and the house is so much warmer!

We planted Tulips all around the front of the house

They "helped"

Our pumpkins are soft and the squirrels kept trying to eat them so we thew them in the side yard and they are very happy!!

I have to report to the hospital at 5:45 am tomorrow! My dad has volunteered to be here early so Dan can take me up and we don't have to wake the kids. Since I am the first case (7:30 start) they said he would not be able to stay with me long, just long enough to take my belongings. Since the surgery is 5-6 hours they told him to just wait at home. He will not be able to see me in recovery, not till I am put in my room on the floor. The nurse said I will be up standing by dinner time and feeling pretty good. I would beg to differ, but we will see.
My dad is bringing coffee for him and Dan and since I can't drink it I will just smell it :)
I won't say I am not scared or worried cause I am, but I can't stop and think about it too much or I might cry :(
I have put this off for years and now that it is here I can't believe it. Danny is going with Grampy and Grammy for the weekend and the girls are going to have a wonderful sleep over at aunties tomorrow night.
When I had my pre-ops on Monday each person asked my age and physically I feel very old!! (this being off the anti-inflammatories for a week before surgery s*cks) Then the nurse told me I should stop my herbal I take for hot flashes! man-just shoot me now! But the pain makes me realize that I HAVE to do this, I HAVE to have my hip replaced.
I hope the surgeon is right that once I get over the surgery pain I will be SO happy to be pain free.
I drove lots this week, knowing I won't be able to drive for 4-6 weeks :(
I just kissed the kids, tucked them in and we all yelled loobie loo (russian for love you), they don't realize that I will be at the hospital when they wake up. I managed to not cry in front of them :)
Please, dear god, let nothing happen!! Our kids and family are our lives.
If you have a spare minute tomorrow, please say a quick prayer:
for the kids hearts
for Dan's patience :)
for my surgeon (no parties tonight!)
for my quick healing
For me to be back home on Monday!

thanks to all of you!!!


Jodi said...

I'll be thinking of you, and praying!!!

I'm sure it will be just fine...and you'll feel like a new woman!

I take a nutritional regimen for my inflammation, and it helps tremendously.

I could tell you what it all is if you're interested.

Good Luck!

Jo's Corner said...

Aww, Sweetie you're gonna do great! You've just had too much time to worry about it all. They do amazing work these days and I think you'll be surprised at how well you will do. Stay on top of your pain and do what you need to do for YOU! I'm sure you'll have lots of help with the kids, although no one does it like Mommy! Wish I could be there to assist all of you! I WILL be praying for you though! Lots of love! Jo

Stephanie said...

I am a Nurse Practitioner and I deal mainly with patients that have had an orthopedic surgery. IT WILL BE GREAT! I am in awe that people that have these surgeries are up and moving and feeling great the day of surgery and most of them say that the post surgical pain is nothing compared to the daily pain they had been living in. I will pray for you and your family and I just know that everything will be fine....God has too much for you to do (like work on other people's dossiers) to let anything bad happen! Positive thoughts and many prayers for you tonight and tomorrow!

Stephanie Carmichael said...

I was 43 when I had my first hip replaced. I did hurt, but it is true you will be standing by evening. Don't count on accomplishing much the first 4-6 weeks therapies and everything else take time. The key be patient with yourself

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, they do these things all the time and it will go smoothly! Just take a deep breath and let it out ... you will be fine and so will your family. Best wishes and I will be thinking of you! xoKate

Katie said...

Will be thinking about you and your entire family in the coming weeks! Pretty soon all of your surgeries will be a thing of the past. :) Good luck tomorrow!!

Katie in CO

Sally-Girl! said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I am glad you are finally able to get this behind you!!!

Eight Is Great said...

Nancy I will be praying all goes well and that the pain meds really work:) Hey that means I will get more chances to chat with you. I miss our good ole Monday night chats with chocolate chip muffins and diet Coke.

Mel said...

Will be thinking about you Nancy!! Praying for comfort and speedy healing!

Jill said...

Praying here too, Nancy! I know you'll do great! You are one tough Mama. :-)

Molly said...

Thinking about you dear! Hope all is well and you recover super quickly!