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Monday, January 2, 2017

December - holidays and surgery :)

We had great holidays with the family in December :)
We celebrated Christmas, Gerri's Birthday and I had surgery!

I have osteoarthritis and had one hip replaced 5 years ago. I put off my knee replacement as long as I could, but when I had to start using a cane I was ready :)
I had surgery end of November and did great! the dr was amazed! I was discharged from the hospital within 2 days of surgery and had in home services for two weeks, went back to work part time at three weeks and felt SO much better once it was done!!
(and for the record it was NO where near as bad a recovery as they all said it would be, they all said it would be worse than the hip, the hip was horrible!)
I'll post a couple of pics at the end so if you are squeamish skip the end!
Danny did a reading at church!! the blessing of the children. he practiced and practiced!
they had the kids go sit up front

we did lots of cleaning!

lots of snow! everyone loves our brownie! :)

reilly did my toes for the holidays!

ms v had her first flute concert!

she was SO nervous

holiday filters!

christmas crafts! thank you auntie!!

the adults in the kitchen!

lots of presents!!

family photo!

our christmas morning!!
i color code gifts so everyone knows whose is whose

happy 13th birthda!!!
she was SO happy to be a real teen!!!!

i think she liked it!

the kids decided they wanted to stay up till midnight on new years eve!
they played lots of games!

day after surgery!
Surgery was delayed from 3 til 5 pm, I didnt get a room until 10:30 pm.
so my first visitors was the next am.
The kids were very worried about me not being home

had to have the bandages changed after 1 1/2 days as the ice bags leaked all over them

staple removal at 2 weeks post op! ouch!

covered in steri strips

i healed quickly, still swollen at 1 month post op! but able to do everything :)
at one month post op i had 85 degree bend and almost straight :)

Sunday, January 1, 2017

December! - Jingles post!!

A bunch of pics of what our elf on the shelf has been up to!!

this year we had the kids take turns and they had SO much fun!