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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The adventure after the vacation

Sharing an ipod :)

Big boy :)
 So we land in Miami and have a 3 hour layover :)
We have dinner, let the kids run around and get some energy out and then head to our gate.
We board our flight home on time and then sit. First we are told that we are waiting for a couple of passengers and then a mechanical issue. An hour later they tell us that our home airport is NOW fogged in, with no visibility and we have to get off the plane and take a flight the next morning!! All 3 kids are sound asleep!! If we had not waited for the late passengers we would have made it out of Miami and at least flew to an alternate airport!! And the best part is since it is weather related they do not have to do anything for us.
It is now 10:00 at night and we have to drag 3 exhausted kids off the plane, get our luggage and decided what to do. We decided we were better off renting a car and driving home, so we dragged the kids to the rental terminal. Luckily the guy behind the counter at d*llar was incredible!! He had a great deal for us with our military id and we were on the road in a F*rd Escape in 20 minutes!! The kids all fell asleep almost immediately - here are some pics that I took till hubby told me to stop taking pictures!

Dan &  I switched off the driving about every 1  1/2 hours and it took us about 4 1/2 hours to get home. The last hour was brutal!! I had to stay awake to keep Dan awake. We made it home at 3:30 am, had the kids potty, put on clean pjs and they were asleep right away, after hugging and kissing the very excited dogs!

This is the picture I took this am when I went out to get us extra large dd coffee at 8:00 after the girls woke us. This proves we made a good decision to drive home as the visibility was just as bad this am.

You should be able to see miles of the river!

You should be able to see the mile long bridge and the city across the river

The kids actually did really well for being SO tired!!
I had to return the rental car to the airport and pick up my van from economy parking. Danny went with me and I could tell he was fighting staying awake.

Everyone is very happy to be home :)  But we miss the rest of the family :(
So happy that Nana made us all a wonderful dinner :)

Reading to the very tired kiddos!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Travel day :)

The Parisian Cafe with the most awesome Cappucino's

The little's at breakfast :)

The older kids, with Auntie Carla :)

Grandchildren photo op

The whole group!!
We are hanging in our room till checkout at 11 am, we are all packed. We take a shuttle to the airport at 12:45 for our 3:00 flight to Miami and then we wait for 3 1/2 hours for our flight home. So we will be having dinner in Miami :) We will not be home till late, but home will feel good.
I did 2 loads of laundry yesterday so we have only 1 small bag of dirty clothes :)
Before leaving home I did laundry and we all changed bedding and cleaned the house :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Last full day in T&C :(

We started off the day learning how to play Go Fish :)

This is the Arizona pool, with dining cave and swim through cave

the rest of the pool, hot tub and swim up bar

hey ma! check me out!

Look I am a mermaid!

We ran into Cookie Monster outside the restaurant

Ms V actually hugged him!

I don't want to nap and you can't make me!

The Italian pool, with all its spouting statues!

I had Danny spelling words with the flashcards - he did great!

The dinner show started with an ice sculpture

Lots of singing and dancing!

Then everyone else danced and sang

Ms V standing on the bench dancing!

Up on stage showing off!

Doin the limbo

fascinated watching them limbo

a quick game of chess

End the night with ice cream and coloring!

Grampy teasing her :)

Ms V and her Cole :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Trip to Danny 7 years ago today!

Fifth day at T&C

Doing our flash cards :)

Watching Nicole and Uncle Adam play lawn chess

We headed out to the French pool again :) Denise & I did water aerobics while everyone else played

After some fun pool games we had left over balloons

Grover came over to learn the salsa :)

We met Zoe while going through the lobby!

Sand is always the best to play in!

Danny made me this heart :)

We watched the Sesame Street show!!

Gerri was fascinated!! She danced with them the whole time!

The finale!

After our HUGE italian dinner Nicole showed Gerri her PSP

While Ms V passed out!! She is still a little bit under the weather :( But doing much better!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4th Day in T&C

Pretty Girls ready for Breakfast at Mario's

Today we decided to start at the French Pool :)

With the built-in Swim up bar

The boys playing in the water

Gerri with Auntie Denise

Just swimming :)

Danny and Gerri were cold and warmed up in the sun

After lunch Ms V didn't feel good so she napped for an hour

Gerri was wiped out too!

Danny kept me company

This is the boat that the boys and men took to go snorkeling while we played at the beach

How cool!! a wedding at the beach :)

The girls were fascinated!

The kids were all grossed out when they kissed :) :)
There was this really cool part of the wedding where the new family gathered around the table where there were 4 cups filled with different colored sand and one large empty cup. The officiant had them each take a cup filled with sand and slowly pour it into the empty cup at the same time. He then told them that like the sand they were now combined into 1 unit. Now they are 1 unit and it is too difficult to separate into 4 parts.
Nicole found how to have wet sand go out a funnel and turn the tennis ball in the bucket!

Danny was SO fascinated!!
Ms V is really sick! She has thrown up several times and has a fever :(
Please pray she feels better soon!! Otherwise we will have to see the nurse tomorrow :(