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Friday, February 25, 2011

Last full day in T&C :(

We started off the day learning how to play Go Fish :)

This is the Arizona pool, with dining cave and swim through cave

the rest of the pool, hot tub and swim up bar

hey ma! check me out!

Look I am a mermaid!

We ran into Cookie Monster outside the restaurant

Ms V actually hugged him!

I don't want to nap and you can't make me!

The Italian pool, with all its spouting statues!

I had Danny spelling words with the flashcards - he did great!

The dinner show started with an ice sculpture

Lots of singing and dancing!

Then everyone else danced and sang

Ms V standing on the bench dancing!

Up on stage showing off!

Doin the limbo

fascinated watching them limbo

a quick game of chess

End the night with ice cream and coloring!

Grampy teasing her :)

Ms V and her Cole :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

Looks like a great trip!!!