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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4th Day in T&C

Pretty Girls ready for Breakfast at Mario's

Today we decided to start at the French Pool :)

With the built-in Swim up bar

The boys playing in the water

Gerri with Auntie Denise

Just swimming :)

Danny and Gerri were cold and warmed up in the sun

After lunch Ms V didn't feel good so she napped for an hour

Gerri was wiped out too!

Danny kept me company

This is the boat that the boys and men took to go snorkeling while we played at the beach

How cool!! a wedding at the beach :)

The girls were fascinated!

The kids were all grossed out when they kissed :) :)
There was this really cool part of the wedding where the new family gathered around the table where there were 4 cups filled with different colored sand and one large empty cup. The officiant had them each take a cup filled with sand and slowly pour it into the empty cup at the same time. He then told them that like the sand they were now combined into 1 unit. Now they are 1 unit and it is too difficult to separate into 4 parts.
Nicole found how to have wet sand go out a funnel and turn the tennis ball in the bucket!

Danny was SO fascinated!!
Ms V is really sick! She has thrown up several times and has a fever :(
Please pray she feels better soon!! Otherwise we will have to see the nurse tomorrow :(


The McEacherns said...

Yeah, I think I'm a little jealous! It looks gorgeous, and sounds like you're having a great family vacation!

Kylie Mc said...

hope ms. v feels better soon. my little guy got sick during our beach trip last summer. no fun. thankfully, it only lasted for one day, by that evening he was fine. the fresh beachy air really helped.

Jodi said...

oh no! Poor be sick on vacation just plain stinks.

I sure hope she's better today.

It sure looks beautiful there :)

Jodi said...

And Danny looks so handsome in that picture! ( but so much older than usual) :) :)