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Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer time!!

sorry I have not posted in so long!!
it has been SO wonderful to be home for two weekend in a row! I feel like I am having a staycation :)
I didn't realize it but I had been away for almost every weekend the entire summer!
our last visit to rmh for a while!!
she has her own sense of style :)

acting happy on the ride home, but not really happy since we had just been told that she would be in a cast for the summer :(
 The girls had princess camp at church - they were very excited for the last day when they would be crowned princesses of god!
beautiful princesses!

they did bird houses to show their fortitude!
Every day they talked about one princess and one saint :)

 The good news is the dr's office told me about cast covers so I promptly went on to Ebay and bought one!!  it is amazing!! wish we had it the whole summer!!
here she is wearing it!! it works!
swimming with grampy!!!