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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is it monday yet?

I realized I forgot to post a picture of Danny's awesome pine derby car!!

Lexi and Ginger snoozin'

Monday afternoon Lexi had to see the base vet to get caught up on all her shots and meds. Then on Tuesday morning Lexi headed to the vet for her eye surgery. The vet said it was one of the worst cases she had seen.
Here is Lexi passed out after her cherry eye surgery:

She is so dangerous with this collar on! She comes up behind you and just about knocks you off your feet. She is constantly banging into everything! At night I hear it hitting the side of the bed as she changes positions on her pillow.

Both kids and the dogs have taken to looking over their shoulder to see if Lexi is coming up behind them so they can get out of the way. We keep telling her she is a bull in a china shop.

It was beautiful the other day so I put our comforter outside to air it and the kids decided it was tent time again!
Maggie couldn't figure out why the kids were in her house:

The kids playing under their "tent"

Luckily this kept them pretty busy for quite a while, long enough for Dan to have a beer and myself a glass of wine :)

We like to be adventurous in our house - so the other night I cooked up Octopus!

Here are the finished products! The kids loved them!! Something about eating the legs off first!! (I bought the long thin hotdogs, that is why there are only 4 legs. Next time I will get the shorter fatter hotdogs so I can cut them into 8 legs)

I saw this idea on another Guatamama blog and thought it was so cute and easy. Once you cut the hotdog slits while leaving about 1 inch intact at the top for the head they automatically curl up while cooking. We are all about easy here!

Poor Ms V has been sick all week! There is nothing worse for her than not being able to breath through her nose and she has had a runny snotty nose all week! At first we just thought she was teething, but it has been going on quite a while and I don't feel anything. She has been up and down at night, waking up early and generally cranky, stubborn and crying. so needless to say we are very tired!
I taped this the other day because her breathing was so LOUD! Make sure your volume is up so you can appreciate this:

Poor Dan had to put some lotion on his face to take care of some precancerous skin issues and after 1 1/2 weeks had to stop as his face hurt so bad. The dr told him "that is exactly the reaction you are supposed to have! this is great! Didn't you read the brochure I gave you?". Needless to say Dan was not very happy about it and no he did not read the brochure. Luckily they gave him some cream to help cool it off, but it has taken another week for it to settle down and peel off! So there have been no pics taken of him for a bit :)

Saturday was the grand opening of the North Florida Military Museum. We have been over several times to visit while they were getting organized, but it was so cool to see it officially open. A local boy scout troop even had a table for hotdogs and hamburgers!

Not surprisingly this is where the kids were hanging out. The guy had it rigged to set off caps. Everytime you heard "fire in the hole" everyone would flinch :)

Lots of people in period costumes and so many items going back a very long time:

All this cool equipment

I think Dan called this a tagalong?

How cool is this LARC??

Checking out the inside of the LARC:

This gives you a little perspective of the size of the tires!

Danny has a field trip tomorrow to the Alligator Farm and he is very excited about it. He has been a bit off the wall this weekend. I don't know if it is just his age (6)? But he lies about really silly stuff, talks back and does things that he knows he shouldn't! We try to be consistent with his discipline but at times it is so draining. I feel like all I do is yell sometimes :(

My hip has really been bothering me and I am going to have to break down and see the orthopedic dr again :( This time I will see the hip specialist and hope he has something besides surgery or shot up his sleeve!
I have been having female problems so my dr had my hormones tested. I am being referred to a gyn to see about something called a uterine ablation. The first response would have been birth control pills or progesterone cream or some kind of hormone treatment, but my oncologist said absolutely not.
Dan just figures it is time to trade me in for a healthier model!!
(I am ready to get off this health roller coaster! Enough already!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

very busy weekend :)

Just relaxin! Taking a nap with daddy:

Danny had his next belt karate test on Saturday morning.
We were a bit worried as last time he had a meltdown and would not do it with the regular group. This time he was great! He went right in and DID IT!! Dan said you could really see his confidence!
Starting with a warm up and stretching!

Of course - some kicking!!

The kids were kicking with one foot, then spinning, then kicking with the other foot. Pretty funny :)

Danny broke the board on his first try!!

Danny getting his new belt put on!!!!

Danny's school had a folk festival. Unfortunately it started at the same time as danny's karate test. So Victoria and I went to the school where I had volunteered to man the ticket booth from 10-11, while Dan and Danny went to karate.
Victoria had so much fun.

2nd graders and up showing off their musical skills

Danny and Dan showed up just as the violins finished.
Victoria taking some daddy time:

Danny making macrame'. That is his teacher on his right.

The cupcake making station was a big hit!

Victoria kept taking the decorations and shoving them in her mouth instead of putting them on her cupcake :)

They had face painting, Danny got spider man:

Victoria got a princess on her cheek. She stayed completely still!

Lunch was a great pinic spread.
Danny was showing off his hotdog and his corn husk doll that he made :)

Just chillin out :)

Dan took Victoria home for a nap and Danny & I stayed.
Danny put this all on and then yelled take the pic! I guess it was really heavy :)

Danny doing the cake walk (he didn't win)

Danny making a bead bracelet

The cheerleaders did several songs and they were so cute!

The fun with music class singing La Bamba! Danny has been singing it ever since.

The highlight of the day was the Pine Box Derby, here are the cars all lined up after the official weigh in:

The car on the far left (yellow line) is Danny's. He and Dan worked very hard on it!

He got passed right at the end of the race. The car that beat him won it all so I was pretty impressed. He was not :(

Here is the final heat, the two block cars are from the two sisters in front of my camera. Believe it or not they came in first and second!! So cute!

The really funny thing is that the older boys that had really worked/chiseled their cars just could not understand how the winners were blocks of wood :) :0

We went out to dinner and Ms V was very tired as she refused to nap more than 10 minutes today. So here she is just as the waiter brought our salads:

There were lots of laughs from people. We let her nap for about half an hour then gently woke her up. When I asked her if she was ok, she responded "momma I tired".
She ate most of her meal while Dan & I had delicious coffee.

Today was yard work day. Lots of weed pulling and planting (me) and grill cleaning and mulching (Dan). The kids were pretending that our comforter that was hung over the railing was a fort. They played for hours! Victoria napped for 2 1/2 hours today, making up for yesterday.
Danny has two more weeks of school before break. We are planning to take the boat up the coast to GA.
Lexi goes to the base vet tomorrow to get checked over, shots and bloodwork.
Tuesday is her eye surgery for her cherry eye, then she gets to wear a plastic collar for a week :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Field Trip!

Everyone waiting to head into the Cummer museum. Nana met us there to help with crowd control :)

The kids getting ready to make their faces out of paper. Most of the kids just liked making funny faces in the mirrors. The museum had large cut outs of a school bus and once the kids finished their faces the teachers put them in the school bus!

Making a sculpture out of pool noodles!

becoming part of a picture!

The kids lined up outside the museum listening to the guide before heading into the gardens.

Danny, Nana and Victoria looking at the pretty antique tiles in a fountain.

The beautiful gardens that back onto the St Johns River.

By the time we finished at the museum it was 11:30 so I had the kids eat their snacks in the car while we headed out. We decided to visit with Dan at the boat and entertain him while he cleaned :)

Dan needed his hair trimmed up so I had to open my barbershop on the front porch. Victoria got a trim too. Danny then ran in and got some hairbrushes and we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging on the porch doing my hair.

Danny after his haircut, very happy :)

While Danny & I were outside with the doggies, Dan was inside the bathroom shaving while Ms V sat on the sink watching. He heard me yelling at the dogs about digging and stepped out of the bathroom to see what was going on. Ms V picked up his razor and tried to shave her face like daddy was doing and cut her top lip pretty bad :(
I scooped her up and tried to calm her, Dan found his stiptic pencil and Danny tried to hug and kiss her. The pencil did not work that great, it just kept bleeding.
Danny got our boo boo cold pack and we wrapped it in a cold washcloth but it just kept bleeding. Victoria kept pulling it back to look at it and every time she saw the fresh blood she would cry more. I ended up grabbing a bandaid to try to cover it up and keep her from touching it.
After a dose of motrin she was better, poor baby :(
Little missy after her mishap. I put the bandaid on to get the blood to stop. She was not happy and wanted to be held till bedtime.

Dan felt so bad. At one point we were sitting in the living room watching tv and they were cuddling and she told Dan she was sorry she did it and she would never touch it again. Dan told her he was so sorry he left her in the bathroom and that she got hurt. She hugged him and told him it was ok...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Change bites!

The spring forward time change has really wreaked havoc around our house! Victoria just has not been able to adjust. She was up Sunday night till 10:30, last night she fell asleep at 8:30 then woke up at 9:30 and did not fall back to sleep till 11:30! She then woke up at 2:30 crying out for us. Spring forward seems so much harder than Fall back. We are all very tired :(

Friday was PJ and pancake day at Danny's school. Victoria was very excited about wearing PJ's to drop Danny off at school. The kids at school and all the teachers wore pj's. Snack was pancakes, lunch pizza. Danny had a great day!

The weather was so nice on Saturday that I brought out the kiddos water table:

Who needs doggie toys when there are empty water bottles!

Still playing in the water table after hours of fun!

I love this pic, Victoria is chillin by the water table eating her fritos while Danny is tattling to me about something :)

Saturday night we headed out to dinner for thai, unfortunately the restaurant appeared to have closed so we walked to another place.
Growing up way to fast :)

Heading out to dinner!

Lexi has been great! The dogs seem to have found a way to get along with each other. She has the puppy piddle problem when she gets excited, unfortunately we have lots of excitement around here!! :) ;)