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Sunday, March 22, 2009

very busy weekend :)

Just relaxin! Taking a nap with daddy:

Danny had his next belt karate test on Saturday morning.
We were a bit worried as last time he had a meltdown and would not do it with the regular group. This time he was great! He went right in and DID IT!! Dan said you could really see his confidence!
Starting with a warm up and stretching!

Of course - some kicking!!

The kids were kicking with one foot, then spinning, then kicking with the other foot. Pretty funny :)

Danny broke the board on his first try!!

Danny getting his new belt put on!!!!

Danny's school had a folk festival. Unfortunately it started at the same time as danny's karate test. So Victoria and I went to the school where I had volunteered to man the ticket booth from 10-11, while Dan and Danny went to karate.
Victoria had so much fun.

2nd graders and up showing off their musical skills

Danny and Dan showed up just as the violins finished.
Victoria taking some daddy time:

Danny making macrame'. That is his teacher on his right.

The cupcake making station was a big hit!

Victoria kept taking the decorations and shoving them in her mouth instead of putting them on her cupcake :)

They had face painting, Danny got spider man:

Victoria got a princess on her cheek. She stayed completely still!

Lunch was a great pinic spread.
Danny was showing off his hotdog and his corn husk doll that he made :)

Just chillin out :)

Dan took Victoria home for a nap and Danny & I stayed.
Danny put this all on and then yelled take the pic! I guess it was really heavy :)

Danny doing the cake walk (he didn't win)

Danny making a bead bracelet

The cheerleaders did several songs and they were so cute!

The fun with music class singing La Bamba! Danny has been singing it ever since.

The highlight of the day was the Pine Box Derby, here are the cars all lined up after the official weigh in:

The car on the far left (yellow line) is Danny's. He and Dan worked very hard on it!

He got passed right at the end of the race. The car that beat him won it all so I was pretty impressed. He was not :(

Here is the final heat, the two block cars are from the two sisters in front of my camera. Believe it or not they came in first and second!! So cute!

The really funny thing is that the older boys that had really worked/chiseled their cars just could not understand how the winners were blocks of wood :) :0

We went out to dinner and Ms V was very tired as she refused to nap more than 10 minutes today. So here she is just as the waiter brought our salads:

There were lots of laughs from people. We let her nap for about half an hour then gently woke her up. When I asked her if she was ok, she responded "momma I tired".
She ate most of her meal while Dan & I had delicious coffee.

Today was yard work day. Lots of weed pulling and planting (me) and grill cleaning and mulching (Dan). The kids were pretending that our comforter that was hung over the railing was a fort. They played for hours! Victoria napped for 2 1/2 hours today, making up for yesterday.
Danny has two more weeks of school before break. We are planning to take the boat up the coast to GA.
Lexi goes to the base vet tomorrow to get checked over, shots and bloodwork.
Tuesday is her eye surgery for her cherry eye, then she gets to wear a plastic collar for a week :)

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