Join us in the adventures of our family, with our Belarussian Prince, Guatemalan Princessa and Ukrainian Princesses!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is what nana's are for!! making halloween bat cookies:

The kids kept eating the batter and sugar and m&m's :)

The final product:

"pumpkins" Danny made in kids club - yum!

Pink hair and green hair!!

Tired after trick or treating!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Victoria's class at their first field trip! Pumpkin Patch!

Playing the old parachute game :)

The kids would get so confused from all the bouncing balls flying around

Making chicken soup:

The little ones got to do this several times. They really like throwing the rubber chickens around :)

Listening to the story of the square pumpkin

The kids all had a great time and candy was handed out at the end :)

Danny was sad that his class didn't go this year, 1st graders are too old :(

Last night was a bday party for danny's classmate at pump it up. The bday girls little sister is in Victoria's class and they are BFF's. The kids bounced and played for 1 1/2 hours!! I did not hear a peep out of them on the car ride home and they slept till 8:00am :) :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

First Badge!!

Getting out the last little bit of energy before the cub scout meeting started last night.

I could not believe how many kids were in the pack! over 100!
Victoria kept running behind the curtains because her shirt glowed in the dark :)
It was so funny to see the boys following her everywhere :)

Helping daddy keep notes on what was going on

They had the dad's pin the bobcat badge on the kids:

the badge is hung upside down and the scouts are told they have to do something good before it can be turned around. We teased Danny that his badge may hang upside down for a while :)

Danny's first belt loops: archery, bbshooting, and art!

The whole pack!

Oh man was Danny proud!!! He was smiling so big I thought his face was going to burst :) :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The guys left Friday afternoon for their big Cub Scout Campout.
The tent is all set up!

Playing volleyball

Playing tug of war

Getting their safety instructions before getting to shoot the BB gun

Danny was so excited, he didn't want daddy to tell him how to sight it. Typical boy he just wanted to shoot :) He did not hit the target at all :)

Doing arts and crafts

All lined up for the big nature walk

Playing kickball

If you look closely you can see Danny's arrow in the upper left edge of the middle target. He was SO excited!!

One of their hikes :)

Eating BBQ Saturday night

Saturday night was the big bonfire with all the packs. Some of the adults and kids put on skits and sang :) they also got to make S'mores :)

After the bonfire they did a spookeree in the dark through the woods. No lights were allowed. Danny was too scared so he and Dan headed back to the tent to hang out. It was pretty chilly, in the 60's. Dan said several kids didn't do it either.

The campfire ring in their pack's campsite. They hung around here each night.

Packing everything up :(

They had so much fun! Danny was so tired he fell asleep on the way home :)

Dan was SO impressed with how good Danny did. There were NO meltdowns at all. He listened really well and tried just about everything. They kept the kids very busy
I had changed the sheets on his bed and he was so happy to climb in after his tub :)
He told me his bed was so comfortable, then said he loved me and I think he was asleep before I hit the stairs :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Girls Dinner!

Last night Victoria and nana and I went out to dinner since the guys are out camping. We found a new restaurant and it was so good :)
Victoria loved being with us :)

I am all ready!

Victoria and nana :)

Victoria and mama :)

Sorry they are blurry, it was our cell phones :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chugging right along :)

We have been working on puzzles and coloring with Danny. He really needs to concentrate :)

Danny is so proud of his first cub scout project:

Dan and Danny are SO excited, this weekend in their first cub scout camp out!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

La Princessa :)

Friday at school is PE day so they wore this:

they both thought it was so cool that they matched :)

after pizza slices for lunch on friday we pulled out the cakes and everyone sang happy birthday. (she wore a princess hat of course)

we only had about 8 pieces left after lunch, several kids tried to get 3rd and 4th slices :)

riding around the yard in fashion with big brother power!!

she has been dragging her princess balloons all over the place all weekend.

Victoria's candles from her 2 cakes, we ate the leftovers after dinner:

using their new princess and cars pencils and erasers :)

reading her new book with nana

you can see her princess shoes from nana :)

Victoria's birthday dinner at La Nopalera (princess dress, shoes, crown, dolls and magic wand) she was a big hit at the restaurant :)

thanks brother dj for the baby dolls :)

The Kai Lan bubble machine was a big hit :)

thanks auntie carla!

She absolutely loves this outfit! She thinks the princess bag goes with the tinkerbell outfit :)

thanks auntie denise and grammy and grampy!

Victoria thought her birthday was the whole weekend long!!!
She had a great time and we can not believe she is already 3! :(

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Princessa!!

Can't believe she turned 3 today!!!

We love you baby!!
Will post more pics later - she had a great day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Almost Ready :)

All dressed up for the first cold day at school

can't believe she will be 3 on Saturday!! she is SO excited!

We are planning a party at school tomorrow. After pizza for lunch we are serving cake and goody bags for all 60 kids :)

Helping me clean up the beaters

Little did she know it was for her own birthday cakes ;)

Why do we spend money on gifts?? she played in this empty box forever :0

This is what the 60 Halloween goody bags look like:

Each bag has a pencil, notepad, temp tattoos, googly eye stickers, 2 erasers, a spider or bat ring and a clapper. It took me a long time to put it together. Stapled on the front of each one is a princess picture with victoria's name on it wishing her a happy birthday.

She is so happy about turning 3, we hear about it ALL the time :)

So Proud to be a Tiger Scout!!

Danny had his first official meeting tonight and they had fun. They are all ready for their weekend camping trip in 2 weeks. This has turned out to be an expensive proposition :)