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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girl Time :)

Modeling my up north fashions:

Monday night was spent on planes getting Ms V and I from FL to MA to visit family. Ms V was a great traveler! She walked through the airports at Atlanta and Boston. We didn't arrive till almost midnight. She slept the second flight till a really sick little one woke her up coughing and screaming. When we got to my sister's house her two kids were still up and couldn't wait to play :) She only slept from 1 to 8:30, so no where near her normal 9-10 hours, but she is doing ok today.

Ms V playing with a baby doll that another traveler had in the Atlanta airport. She thought it was so life like:

Ms V would play with their guinea pigs ALL DAY!

Ms V playing with her cousins!

My bil has been busy - this is what he was working on when we got in last night at 1:00 (it is beautiful)

This little clip was taken in the car on the way down to visit Grampy:

All of us at grampy's office (both my sisters, both nieces, a nephew and grampy)

Taking a little break before lunch

The green monster eating a new york yankee player :)

The duckling statues made out of jellybeans

The kids walking through Jordans place - so cool!

They have the coolest water show set to music (at the end you will see Ms V dancing):

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow :) :)

Danny and Daddy are have boy time! tomorrow the zoo, thursday fishing, and then friday we will be home :)
Danny has been very good so that he can sleep in the big bed. I told him he could stay there as long as he didn't fart or burp :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all :)

We had a great day!!! The kids and nana slept till 7!
They absolutely loved their big presents.
Here is Victoria on hers:

It moves its head, ears, eyes, tail, whinnies, snorts, eats a carrot and makes clopping noises. It responds to voices and sounds. It really loves to be petted and brushed :) Both kids are entralled.

Here is Danny using his:

It is a real kids digital camera and he is in heaven!

The kids got lots of gifts, books and clothes. They are happy :)
Danny is off to Nana's to party :) :)

Hope everyone had a happy wonderful family day!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Santa time :)

Saturday was spent at the Jax Zoo - they had a special event: milk and cookies with santa!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Danny telling Santa that he wants a car and a train for Christmas

Victoria told Santa she wanted a horse :)

Decorating Christmas cookies! yummy! They even supplied the milk.

Boy this pink frosting is good!

Feeding the giraffes

Having a grand old time!

beautiful pair of bald eagles

Playing in the birds nest at the play park

Enjoying the alligator exhibit

Santa lion

the best part of this very busy day was that I hit 8800 steps today!
Victoria slept the whole ride home and Danny zoned out on movies.

Danny went to art camp both yesterday and today for 4 hours each. He had so much fun! We hit the base to look for this car that Danny decided he really had to have but had no luck, luckily nana found a similar one at Target!! On our way to pick up Danny yesterday I got a flat tire! Luckily Dan was driving, cause it happened while we were crossing the river on the bridge. He had the donut tire on in 20 minutes! Did I mention that I got 4 brand new tires only 2 weeks ago! ARGH! Hopefully they can plug it.

Both kids are so excited about Christmas. We are going to the children's mass Christmas Eve at either 3 or 5, depending on MsV's nap. Nana will be coming over for dinner and then staying over to be here for Christmas day. Both kids are so excited!! We sing Christmas carols constantly, watch christmas shows and Dan can't wait till it is all over!! :) :)
Both kids have been a bit out of sorts, mostly from the routine changes. The weather can't decide if it wants to be cold or warm either.
I see the ortho doc tomorrow and hopefully can convince him to not do any shots for now and wait till next year :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas fun and singing

Monday was the last day of school till January 5th! (just shoot me now) Danny had speech then I drove him to school. They were having a feast. His teacher was making potato latkes and I made the mistake of asking if she needed any help :)
I spent 3 hours flipping them on griddles! My back hurt so bad, not to mention how much my clothes, hair and skin smelled from the hot oil. I stayed with Danny's class for lunch and then headed home.

Danny's teacher, Ms Suzy, and the accursed griddles:

A bunch of the kids playing Draedel for pennies:

They had a bunch of crafts for the kids too. They made reindeers out of bells and pipe cleaners, snowmen out of marshmallows, and each class made a wreath with their handprints for their teachers.

Of course the boys ended up playing in the dirt :)

Tuesday night was Danny's school christmas presentation. The kids have all been practicing so hard. It was so darn cute!!

The kids waiting their turn to go up:

The PreK kids singing - so cute :) (3 and 4 yr olds)

The two kindergarten classes singing their songs:

We all just loved this song:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Party and The Symphony

Thursday was a holiday party at Danny's class. Several parents showed up to help and the kids had a great time!!

The kids all decorating their gift bags.

Snack time between projects and as you can see Ms V is right in there with them :)

The dads cutting up graham crackers for the gingerbread house project

The kids making cards and a mess :)

Victoria was on clean up duty

Several parents getting everything set up for the big project

Danny's table hard at work, of course he is sitting with two girls :) :)

This was the big project, I think they ate as much candy as they decorated with :)

Today we headed to see the symphony for a family day concert. These were some of the tickets I won at the Silent Auction.

Getting ready to go the the Jax Symphony Youth Orchestra's Sounds of the Season concert. Danny is not in the pic because he had a major meltdown :(

I tried to get a good picture of them both, but this is the best I could do.

They had a bunch of the instruments in the lobby so the kids could see them, touch them and play them!

How cute is this?

Both kids thought the harp was so cool

Playing on the stairs till it was time to sit

Danny took this picture of us

The youth orchestra warming up

They were just fascinated!!

The concert lasted about 1 hour, just long enough to hear great music, but not too long that all the kiddos would get stir crazy. I had brought goldfish for them to snack on so they were very happy. The concert ended on a sing along and Ms V was singing her little heart out - not that she knew any of the words and Danny mumbled his way through :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Princess Portia the Storyteller

When I picked Danny up from school today we headed to the library to kill some time.
(since Victoria was home napping) While there I saw a sign that said Princess Portia the storyteller/magician was going to be there!! So we killed time with Danny playing computer games and me reading.

Here is Princess Portia waiting for all the kids to settle down so she could start:
(sorry the pics are blurry - I was using my cell phone)

She told this really great story where all the kids got to make noises and they all had so much fun. She then told a story of a little girl that always dreamed of being a princess. The little girl woke up in a magic land with a magic wand and dressed up as a princess! Portia called up Danny to help her with a magic spell. She asked him to hold her magic wand and as she walked away he was holding one piece and she had another! Portia walked over to Danny and told him to hold it and as he held it she walked away and another one came out. She did this several times, till Danny had magic wands in his hands, his armpits, his neck and she still held one!! The kids were almost hysterical laughing! And Danny was just amazed! It was so cool to see them all fall for it :) Here is a blurry shot of Danny with all the magic wands:

The princess story continued with the Princess collecting shiny rocks and using her magic wand to change them into candy. So Portia had a little girl named Sarah come up to help her and Danny turn some shiny rocks into candy. Danny held the bucket and little Sarah waved the magic wand and all the kids said the magic words. The first time nothing happened and the second time when she lifted the cover this is what was there:

Danny did not even realize it was a real bird! The kids were all so focused on candy that they took a couple of beats before they realized it was a bird!! Luckily Danny did not drop the bucket! I was so impressed by how well he did!
The next wave of the magic wand turned the bird into candy canes!!
The story continued with a great piece about Rudolph and his shiny nose. She turned a small Rudolph flag into a bunny rabbit and it totally brought the house down!!!!
It was so much fun and Danny was so impressed by the whole thing!

When we got home Dan and Victoria were hanging out on the front porch just chillin.
Dan told us that when he went upstairs to get Victoria up from her nap she was laying there completely naked! Her diaper and underwear thrown over the side of her bed. She was flat on her back, on top of her covers, spread eagle and sound asleep!! She woke up when she heard him laughing :)
Potty training is going so well! She even wakes up dry in the morning most of the time!! We bought some new Dora and Princess panties and she loves them!

This am we all went with Danny to school and walked the track together. Danny and his little friend Kristen walk together most mornings and today they had Victoria between them! All the kids thought it was so cool that Danny's mom and dad were walking with them :) Victoria walked 6 laps with them, which is almost a mile!!

Tomorrow we are all heading to Danny's school for a classroom party. We are going to make graham cracker gingerbread houses. It should be so much fun :)