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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Santa time :)

Saturday was spent at the Jax Zoo - they had a special event: milk and cookies with santa!! This place is absolutely awesome!

Danny telling Santa that he wants a car and a train for Christmas

Victoria told Santa she wanted a horse :)

Decorating Christmas cookies! yummy! They even supplied the milk.

Boy this pink frosting is good!

Feeding the giraffes

Having a grand old time!

beautiful pair of bald eagles

Playing in the birds nest at the play park

Enjoying the alligator exhibit

Santa lion

the best part of this very busy day was that I hit 8800 steps today!
Victoria slept the whole ride home and Danny zoned out on movies.

Danny went to art camp both yesterday and today for 4 hours each. He had so much fun! We hit the base to look for this car that Danny decided he really had to have but had no luck, luckily nana found a similar one at Target!! On our way to pick up Danny yesterday I got a flat tire! Luckily Dan was driving, cause it happened while we were crossing the river on the bridge. He had the donut tire on in 20 minutes! Did I mention that I got 4 brand new tires only 2 weeks ago! ARGH! Hopefully they can plug it.

Both kids are so excited about Christmas. We are going to the children's mass Christmas Eve at either 3 or 5, depending on MsV's nap. Nana will be coming over for dinner and then staying over to be here for Christmas day. Both kids are so excited!! We sing Christmas carols constantly, watch christmas shows and Dan can't wait till it is all over!! :) :)
Both kids have been a bit out of sorts, mostly from the routine changes. The weather can't decide if it wants to be cold or warm either.
I see the ortho doc tomorrow and hopefully can convince him to not do any shots for now and wait till next year :)

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Don and Be said...

We MUST hit the Jax Zoo sometime soon. I took JMei to the Central Florida Zoo and it was absolutely gnarly. Very sad.
Merry Christmas to your tribe and let's do the zoo early in '09.