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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girl Time :)

Modeling my up north fashions:

Monday night was spent on planes getting Ms V and I from FL to MA to visit family. Ms V was a great traveler! She walked through the airports at Atlanta and Boston. We didn't arrive till almost midnight. She slept the second flight till a really sick little one woke her up coughing and screaming. When we got to my sister's house her two kids were still up and couldn't wait to play :) She only slept from 1 to 8:30, so no where near her normal 9-10 hours, but she is doing ok today.

Ms V playing with a baby doll that another traveler had in the Atlanta airport. She thought it was so life like:

Ms V would play with their guinea pigs ALL DAY!

Ms V playing with her cousins!

My bil has been busy - this is what he was working on when we got in last night at 1:00 (it is beautiful)

This little clip was taken in the car on the way down to visit Grampy:

All of us at grampy's office (both my sisters, both nieces, a nephew and grampy)

Taking a little break before lunch

The green monster eating a new york yankee player :)

The duckling statues made out of jellybeans

The kids walking through Jordans place - so cool!

They have the coolest water show set to music (at the end you will see Ms V dancing):

We are supposed to get snow tomorrow :) :)

Danny and Daddy are have boy time! tomorrow the zoo, thursday fishing, and then friday we will be home :)
Danny has been very good so that he can sleep in the big bed. I told him he could stay there as long as he didn't fart or burp :)

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Mary Ellen said...

Hey Kiddo~

Yup, we got a White New Year. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?