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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tiger Belt :) And lesson learned

Yesterday Danny tested for his Tiger Belt. He was the only one from his class there and there were probably 20 kids getting tested all at the same time:

I had just mentioned to Dan that I was so happy he was able to do this with all the kids around when he melted down. Too many kids, no one he knew and they were doing things that he had not done before. He just could not get it together so they brought him out to us. Dan had to do a walkabout to catch his breath. I just kept trying to calm Danny down and tell him that he could do it. Victoria patted him on the back and told him it was ok :)
Master Nathan came over to us and said that Danny could go in with the makeup class next which was a very small group and all white belts like him. I told him we would not leave him and went into the room with him.

Here is Danny breaking a board (with a little help from Master Nathan) and then doing a double kick:

Here are the kids being told they passed their test!!

Master Nathan was so nice to Danny. After they finished the test and we were getting our shoes on he came over and told Danny that he was very proud of him for getting in there and doing it. He said sometimes we get scared and it is very hard to do new things, but it was so cool of him to get in there and face his fears and do it!
Danny was so proud of himself, it was so amazing to see him face his fear and do it.

Here is the wood that Danny broke, he wants to bring it to school tomorrow :)

We had lunch at the restaurant next door and had this done for Danny while we ate:

We got a call last night that the kids won the Publix kids cookie give away!! What a great way to celebrate Danny's victory! (Each time I go to the store the kids get a free cookie and their card gets a stamp. Once the card is full they get entered into the months give away) They said to come in today to pick it up.
Here is the sign at the store announcing Victoria and Danny as the winners for the month!!

This is what the kids won!! They are going crazy waiting for dessert tonight. If you look closely at the pic you will Ms V's finger zeroing in on the frosting :)

They thouroughly enjoyed the cookie:


Don and Be said...

Yikes, Danny! And no shoes?!?! Youdaman!

Natalie C. said...

So proud of you Danny!

Alleen said...

Good job Danny!!!

How cool they won the big cookie!! I didn't realize Publix did that. Of course, I usually avoid the cookie since it's usually not long before dinner when we're in there...