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Monday, July 28, 2008

Some great Deals!!

Last time we were at Home Depot they had a promotion that if you signed up for a HD card you would get 10% off that day's purchases. We had a few last things to buy (big things) so we headed out to HD to buy them.
Of course they changed the promotion, now you spin a wheel to see how much you get. Sonce I have absolutely no luck at all I let Dan spin! Guess what - 20% off our purchases!!
Dan got his BIG generator, it will run the whole house (including A/C)! It was on sale and we got the discount so it ended up costing less than the much smaller one we had! It was originally $999 and we ended up paying $550! What a Bahgain!

Since we got the big discount we decided it was time to pick up this little set for the kids! Originally $699 we got it for $550!
"Some Assembly Required"
Danny is beside himself! We need to get the yard ready, the fence guy comes tomorrow to add more fencing and move the link fence back. This will give us a really nice large shaded area for the play set. We will probably add a small deck with chairs for us when we sit out there with them.
Dan told the fence guy we were going to let the kids play on the set while we sat on the back porch in the hot tub, drinking beers and watching them with binoculars! He believed Dan :) Dan finally had to tell him he was just kidding, I guess it is his Boston sense of humor.
We have some company coming next week and we will need the extra hands to put it together :)

Sunday we went for a walk down the street and for the first time since Danny wiped out at my mom's he rode his bike! This was big!! He did it all himself!

I walked with an empty stroller, since missy decided she would rather walk!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

Yes, in fact I AM a princess!

Catch me!

Very sad day today - last day of camp :( :(
Danny just loves it and now we have 3 weeks till school starts.
We are going to set up a calendar and just keep him busy. We find he does a lot better one on one with one of us than when we are all together for a long period of time.
I ordered our matching Armoire for our bedroom today, it should take 4-6 weeks to come in. That will give us a place for our tv and sheets.
While at the base putting in our order I saw a lovely sideboard for our dining room, so I got it :) (that should teach Dan to send me to buy furniture)
I have the last 8 boxes to go and I can't get myself to finish them.
Next week :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keeping busy :)

This picture is of our new house keys!! Oh yeah almost time for football to start!! woo hoo!! This pic is for my brother in law :)

I don't think this was a picture on the box :)
She thinks it is a tubby :)

I am going to save this picture till she is a teenager!!!

She just loves to wear Danny's backpack. It is for school, but he has been using it for camp. Don't even try to get it off her till she is ready to give it up :)

This is what happens when you let a toddler feed themselves their snack :) :)

We have been finishing out the last of the boxes, only about 6 left!! woo hoo!
I found a thrift shop that sells items for domestic abuse victims and have been weeding out more stuff and giving it to them. So far they have gotten 5 boxes of items that we just do not need!

Danny is loving camp! He will be very sad when it ends this Friday. School does not start for 3 weeks so it may be a LONG 3 weeks.
Dan has been busy with the yard. He had a lot of mulch and river rock delivered to the house VERY early yesterday and has been busy putting it around the yard.

Both kids have been getting some kind of bug bites on their buttes and legs so I finally brought them to the Pediatrician yesterday and all she could say is they are bites and to just keep an eye on them. We already sprayed the house inside and out and the yard. I saw my new doctor yesterday afternoon and she had a great thought to spray my van! We never thought of our vehicles! I also took the car seat covers off and washed them so we hope that was the problem. Danny's car seat sat in storage for a while and the van sat in the guy's yard for a couple of months before we bought it.

We are waiting to make a decision on school till we meet with the IEP group at his public school. They are supposed to be back in about 1 week. We shall see!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

this is how Dan & I have been living for the last 3 weeks :(

This is our NEW Furniture!!! It just came in and it is beautiful!!

I Can NOT wait till bedtime :)
We are still missing a night stand and need to get a tv armoire, but what a difference! No more pulling clothes out of plastic bins :) :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Too Long I know :)

I was cooking in the kitchen and turned around to see Danny give Victoria the yogurt cup and spoon and say "eat" and she did!!

I can do it all Myself!!!

It is just amazing how fast time goes by :)
We have been so busy getting ourselves unpacked, hanging a few pictures, settling in.
We found a dog groomer and had the dogs shaved on Friday, you can not believe how much their hair showed up on the dark hard wood floors! I thought tile was a pain to keep clean, boy wood floors are worse. Afer dropping the dogs at the groomers I saw a couple of medical/office buildings and had a brain flash, turns out my new doctor and the kids' pediatrician are in the same complex! So I ran over and filled out all the paperwork to get things started, request records and set new appts. I then had to reward myself with a pedicure :) :)
We are trying to decide whether to put Danny in public or private school. On Thursday I went to the Elementary school he is to go to and just did not get a warm and fuzzy at all. Maybe it was the summer staff? They do not have any special Kindegarten's, so he would be mainstreamed right away. The ESE staff does not come back to the school till August so we would not have a meeting till then.
The camp he is going to is at a private school and he is just loving it there. They have a pond, pool, HUGE playground, etc. We are meeting the kindegarten teacher this am to do a walk thru and see the place to see if that helps us decide. Her class will have 10 kids, and never more than 12. Public school will have anywhere from 18-22 kids in the class. Tough choice.
Miss Victoria is a totally different story! She is showing "2" signs before her time :) She says No alot, mine alot and is learning how to throw a tantrum :(
She is learning her abc's and 123's already :) She LOVES DORA!
She has been waking up at night in full scream! Nothing calms her down unless she is in our bed between both of us, able to touch us both.
She has not been eating the best either, usually she is easy but not lately. I just try to ignore it and she will eat a bit and then just gets too interested in everything else.
I think it is separation anxiety, her age (21 mos) is prime for it, plus the two moves, plus a new room and a new house with new furniture. She also had Danny home for the last month and now he is going to camp during the day. She has been fighting going to sleep at night, she will be wide awake and playing till 9:30! This is the same child that would be sound asleep at 8:00 every night!!! I just hope it passes, it is exhausting!!
But during the day she is blossoming! She is singing and dancing, talking up a storm, exploring everything. I wonder if maybe she just has trouble shutting off at night when she should be going to bed??
Anyone else have these problems?? Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th!

Ready to help daddy put up his birthday flagpole!

Piles of trash waiting for pick up day - shows how busy we have been!!

Dan's work area :)

Sitting on the porch and rocking while everyone else works :)

Helping daddy put his new flagpole in! This is dirty work :(

Taking sissy out for a ride

If you look close you can see two faces peering out! This is the dogs favorite spot to see everything.

All ready for the party!

Victoria watching the laundry go round and round :)

Our new neighborhood has a big to do for the fourth! One of the neighbors opens up his house and everyone brings food and drinks and we all party! We were the newbys and everyone was dying to meet us all! There were so many people and lots of family! The kids had so much fun, we stayed till 7 and headed home to watch tv and sleep! The fireworks started at 9 and went on for an hour :)

Anyone want a drink?

I don't want to get out! Come and get me :)

Danny running back and forth from the pool and the playset.

Happy 4th everyone!