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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy day of fun!

Watching Sleeping Beauty at breakfast

She ate the WHOLE donut :)

One of the dad's did a puppet show - so so funny!

This makes up for the chocolate chip pancakes I already ate right!?!?!?

This is where we went today

This is the entrance - very old building!

Some water play!

playing with the lock system

splashed herself :)

Playing the floor piano

The Alice in Wonderland exhibit

Cheshire Cat!

playing golf!

The Tea Party with the Mad Hatter


Then we went shopping

Then we rang them up!

Had to film some commercials

Played Dr

Had to build

Had to keep turning the handle to keep the feathers in the air!

So cool how the ball stayed in the air!

A little static

Then drove a bus

and a race car!

the view from the front door

We had to go see what was going on - Rugby!!

Making wishes and blowing!!!!!
I could tell her knee is still sore and she is very afraid to put weight on her leg with the short cast. She was this way last December when her casts finally came off.  She kept rubbing her knee but said it did not hurt.
I just let it go and let her enjoy herself, every once in a while she would use it a bit with out thinking. Luckily she has a bit before she has 2 short casts, so hopefully she will be more able to walk on her right leg before that happens. She is a bit frustrated since she had been walking in the 2 long leg casts.
We then drove all around after leaving the museum and found lots of rugby games going on. We also found the zoo, so maybe a trip for next weekend!
Tomorrow is spa day :)
Ms V is feeling a bit better, the fever has finally gone down below 100! She is still coughing quite a bit, but did manage to sleep better last night.

Travel day!

Our flight was delayed so we got to watch with everyone else! Gerri was fascinated by it all!

My new bag - I love it!!

playing in clinic - love to see so many families!

check these babies out!!

you can feel the bones in her feet - it is SO amazing!!

wearing a brownie mustache :)

look at those flat feet!

Her right foot is corrected so it has a short cast, he is just working on bringing her foot up now.
Gerri is SO happy to have her knee back! I am sure it is cooler too.  We are working on getting her knee straight. Funny that she could not bend her knees 45 degrees and now she can't straighten them after being casted bent knee for so long.
Dr vB thinks her left foot should be good by next week. So hopefully we will go home for the 3 weeks they are making her AFO's with 2 short casts!! She will have boots to wear so she can walk too!! This is so exciting! She was NOT happy while casting, he had her lay on her tummy so he could hold her right foot flat in place and cast it. Then once the cast hardens she is fine :)

 Her  right knee is sore from being out of cast and she keeps commenting on how strange it feels :) I told her we will work slowly to straighten it out.
She was sound asleep at 8:00 while watching the recap of the wedding and I fell asleep about 9:00 and slept till 6:00 am!! WOW! I can not even remember the last time I slept that much :)

Just talked to hubby on the phone and Ms V did much better last night. She only woke up twice coughing but otherwise slept through the night. She is doing her nebulizer 3 x's a day and taking a strong antibiotic (which has already given her diarrhea) I am guessing hubby really misses me :)

Thanks for everyone's prayers!! We felt them :)
Now we are trying to decide what to do in Philly today and tomorrow, we never have down time while here.
So we may try the zoo or the museum, who knows :) But first I need to hit Dunkin Donuts :) :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

We made it to philly. hubby just called to say v has walking pneumonia :( thanks for all the prayers! i felt them! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayers Please!

Just a quick request :)
Ms Victoria has been sick all week!! Her fever just will not go away and stay away. We have been fighting it since Sunday night. She has been SO miserable and cranky. It seems worse at night, she sleeps fitfully as do I. Yesterday she started with the coughing, hacking and gagging. We have been using Ibruprofen, her nebulizer and cooling her off.
As soon as we think she is doing great, she gets really sick again. Tonight her temp is back up to 104 :(
I called the pediatrician today and she is going in tomorrow to be seen.
It just kills me that I can not be there for my baby :(
Gerri and I have to leave the house by 4:30 am to get to the airport.
I am SO stressed by these trips, trying to get everything done when I am home, trying to make everyone happy when I am home, trying to make appointments when I am  home.....Now a very sick child :(
Please pray for her, please pray it is something as simple as a UTI!  I will be a nervous wreck till Dan calls and tells me how it goes.
Sometimes it is SO hard being a parent, being pulled in so many directions. Always second guessing if you are doing the best for everyone. Trying to stay afloat. Trying to get everything done. Trying to remember everything all the time. yup, no stress in my life!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter day and growing!

Watching our Easter JibJab card :)

Opening gifts from Grammy and Grampy

Then we follow the clues!! Danny has to read the clues out loud!

As they go all around the house! 

Don't touch the clues!!

The final clue had a DVD they wanted!

First real bike ride!! and very happy about it!

I am ready!!

yes, I was the caboose :)

Danny helped Nana with our Easter dinner :)

Nana all dressed up for us :)

OMG! In 1 week they doubled in size and are now making their chrysalis'

The lady bugs are now doubled in size too and stuck to the glass to change!!

Does anyone else have to do this to a pizza so everyone is happy?!?!?
Ms V has been sick the last 2 days, fevers on and off and oh so cranky!!
She has come into bed with us the last 2 nights. We have been doing medicine and it goes away for a while and then comes back. Her temp has been high as 103.8 :(
She likes to sleep right next to me, so needless to say I have not had much sleep!
Gerri and I head to Philly Friday am and come home Monday evening so she can have 2 casts.
It is SO hard to fit everything in when I am only home a couple of days!! This is so exhausting :(
I am so happy that we have 2 long weekends and then are off for 3 weeks then off for the summer!!