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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another day another cast :)

While waiting for the taxi the girls raided read the information about our area

Victoria and Gracie (another RR kiddo!!)

Bryson and Gerri, 2 amc'ers finally meeting!!!
 My good friend Sally and I finally got to meet after 5 years of emails and then neither of us thought to get a picture together!!! Thank heavens we will see her again in 2 weeks.
Every time we go to clinic the IPOD's are a big hit!

It is like a big reunion each week :)

After having her cast removed we headed on up for lunch. Even though it does not hurt to have her casts taken off, Gerri gets more upset each time. It took 2 aides to get them off, 1 on each leg. She moves around so much that it makes it even more difficult. Part of it is that her skin is getting more sensitive and the vibration bothers her. She is not scared of it, she has had so many removed. But she was almost hyperventilating, I finally got her calm by making her focus on my face and counting and doing the abc's. It is nice that we have a break between cast off and cast on.
We had lunch with Nikki and baby Monroe!! The girls loved her!

I know this is blurry - but I love that it that Monroe is looking right at me through her toy :)

Sharing snacks :)

stretching her feet and standing up after cast removal

look at this foot!!!! Gerri was SO excited to FEEL her ankle bone just like ours!!!

This is the ankle that the other Dr broke, it looks SO much better!!

We had a great meeting with Dr Vb. He showed us her xrays. The movement of the little bones is amazing! And these xrays were taken after only 3 casts. He said he wants to keep on casting till we hit a plateau, but he feels very confident that we can avoid the fixators on her feet! She will still need the hip surgery but it makes for a much quicker surgery just doing her hip. We are also going to get appts to see the hand and upper extremity Dr's :)
I asked him about coming up every week for the next 4-6 weeks and we might have a new plan :)
For families that travel he does casting 2 x's per week, monday and friday. SO we are looking at coming up on Friday early morning and staying till Monday late night. That way Gerri would be casted Monday and Friday and she would still get 4-6 more casts, but it would take half the time and half the travel. This will not start till the end of April, but it will help us get through it!!

The taxi ride back to the hotel with Doc - our friendly tour guide/taxi driver :)
We were a bit punchy as we had been at Shriners from 9 to 5!

Gerri showing Victoria how to say ohm for yoga

goof ball eating chicken nuggets :)

the blue's band setting up! They were very good!
yes, the skirts and coloring!!
 After dinner the girls put their pj's on and their skirts and we went downstairs to play with Amanda and Kellen :)
The girls just loved Kellen!!! they danced for him!!
We ended up staying up late, but the girls had SO much fun!
Today is a down day, we don't fly out till 3:30, so we will head to the airport soon to head home.
Good luck to Danny!! he has council pine derby races today!!

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Sally-Girl! said...

It was so fun to finally meet! Although we have talked so much and emailed so much it felt like I have always known you, like a good ol' glove that just fits!!!!

Looks like we are in for a long haul together!!!

See ya again soon with cameras. I don't think I will be a stressed and frenzied as I was yesterday or at least I am hopeful I will not be!!!