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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Back in Philly again :) and GREAT news!!!!

Don't know why - but they both LOVE the airplane safety instructions

Then it was time for Barbie war

The girls were SO excited to see Sammy :)

We stopped at Mcd for a snack and to gross out Sammy :)

Ms Becky had something special for the girls

These skirts are SO beautiful!! They have not taken them off since!
Thank you Ms Becky!! you can see the love in every stitch!
 We could not get into either of the rmh houses - so we decided to try a different hotel. This one is in Cherry Hill (a very nice area!!) and they give a discount for families that can not get into rmh!!
There is even a pool - but we did not bring suits! next time :)
We had awesome live music :)

very happy to color

just chillin!

Helping each other color
Just as I was getting ready to shutdown the computer and go to bed I got an email!!
I had emailed Dr vB the other day to see if he had looked at her xrays yet and it was killing us having to wait!! He emailed tonight to tell me that he had just pulled up her xrays and he cannot wait to show us tomorrow!! He said "WOW" those bones are moving!!! It means more casting, but there is a very good chance she will not have to have external fixators!!!!
ptl!! This is such amazing news :)


Ben and Melanie said...

So Happy... Praying for your sweet angels :)!!! And their angel for a mama too!

Tracey S. said...

YAY!!!!!!! SOOOO happy to hear those bones are moving!!! If she can avoid fixators for her feet I will be doing a happy dance! Hope casting goes smoothly tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Very Exciting...thanks for Sharing!! Easton will be seeing Dr. Van Bosse 22nd...Super Excited!!!

Emi said...

That's great about her bones! Praying she doesn't need fixators! And the skirts are beautiful!

Sally-Girl! said...

Great news is right!!!! I think you wrote the post about the hotel and the area to rub it in a little for me, didn't ya!!!

I will see ya in just a few hours!

Jo's Corner said...

Every Princess needs a TuTu! Both of the girls look adorable! Praying that everything goes well today! Hugs ~ Jo

Delahne said...

Awesome news! Looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

David and Carolyn said...

This is great news! I'll have to keep that hotel in mind when we go. Love the girly too toos.

David and Carolyn said...

oops it's tu tu silly :)