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Sunday, April 3, 2011

school starts monday!!! :) :)

We have played some video games

We had to replace our gates

of course in the rain!

Danny loves to help!

We have done lots of puzzles!

Lots of coloring!
I had to see the elbow Dr and got a REALLY painful shot IN my elbow and now have a new accessory

Relaxing in the sunshine, eating raisins

A swinging contest!

Playing with some cricket they found

Danny had a rough day yesterday with the change over in his meds, so we tried to keep him busy

While the girls painted

Then they colored outside (yes - it is mid 70's)

Danny took some pics
I had him vacuuming too!
This change over in meds has been harder than we thought. Coming off the narcotic stimulant was tough! Every time we couldn't find him we would find him sleeping somewhere.
Thank heavens we started the changeover during vacation and NOT during a school week!
He seems to be better today :) Still a bit tired and grumpy, but no where near as bad as yesterday!

Today marks 1 year since Gerri joined our family at home!!!
Can not believe it has been a year already!! time has gone by SO fast!

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