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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Break!

 The weather has been absolutely yucky!!! It has been cool, cloudy and rainy since the kids got out of school last Thursday! But we have been finding things for them to do! We have been doing Animal Yoga every morning!
Being elephants!
We made these twirly thing you throw in the air and they twirl around as they come down

Danny added some weight and it was binging off the ceiling!!

We made sugar cookies

We bought hula hoops and they have been practicing!

We bought "Tangled" and watched it - SO cute!!
We drove over to St Augustine yesterday just to do something! Too wet to get out on the beach :(
We had dinner at a really cute little italian restaurant.
Today we met nana for lunch, dropped off some donations and some consignments, did some shopping!!
Tomorrow will probably be a library day :)
Man! Monday can not come soon enough!!! Especially when it is raining!!!

Since we knew Danny would be off this week we started phasing in his new medication last week. We are weaning him off the narcotic medicine he was on and putting him on something is NOT a narcotic. This should also help with his appetite and his weight loss from the other medication. He has been much more emotional, which is expected, so we saved it for this week! Hopefully by Monday he will be in full swing with the new medicine.

I also snagged this picture off Carolyn's blog :)
Nancy, Gerri, Madeline, & Carolyn :)
This proves that I was there!! :) You can see Gerri and I were a bit tired! (and this was taken at 10:00 am!)

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