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Friday, March 25, 2011

Woo Hoo!! It is Cast day!

Since we knew we would be leaving very early in the am, we let the kids start spring break by camping out in the living room:

I woke Gerri up at 4:30 am to load the car and head out to the airport
Sleeping on out 6:30 am flight :)
 Our flight was delayed leaving FL and then we circled Philly for 30 minutes, so needless to say we were late getting into Philly. Let me tell you how wonderful my head and ears felt from all the up and down and up and down!!!  Luckily we know how the schedule works and we knew there was no need to rush :)
Once we checked in we were told there was a family asking about us :) Woo hoo!!

Gerri and Ms Madeline meeting for the first time!!

2 sweet Ukrainian AMC beauties!!

Gerri had the Reiben boys at the word IPOD :)

The Reiben girls were playing around with their water :)
 The second bestest part of our day was finally meeting Tracey!!!! We have been emailing for over a year about Gerri and AMC!!!! She is a walking testament to Dr vB!!
The AMC grand poo bah herself! Tracey!
 After getting her old casts taken off and getting her x-rays done we headed on up to the cafeteria for a quick bite.  We have learned out lesson and run out for food when possible!!
Tracey loving on baby Monroe!!

They are looking SO good!

We waited a bit for Dr vB :) when he came in her took her measurements, manipulated her feet, then tried to check her x-rays. Unfortunately they were not loaded in the system. Someone went to call, no answer in x-ray, someone was sent over to check, told they were loaded, he checked, no x-rays. By now Dr vB was NOT happy, he asked the resident to go bang heads! He turned to me and said let's cast! I said all right!! So we casted! It just amazes me how much differently he does this whole process. He not only manipulates the ankle, but he also works on the knee and the leg alignment. Gerri could not bend her rt knee past 90 degrees and her left knee past about 60 degrees. Since his casting, she has a harder time straightening her knee and can bend both past 90 degrees!! It is crazy to think how much flexibility she gains from casting in 90 degrees. Dr vB is also able to over correct her feet, which out previous ortho could not do. That is why her feet are pointing out in her casts. The hope is that when we are done casting they will settle slowly into alignment.
Here she is in her new pink and purple casts!

Gerri talking to Victoria and Madeline playing bubblewrap

A friend for life!! Gerri and Tracey!

Momma - you are crazy!!!

Ok, kisses are all right!!
 We ended up being at Shr*ners all day today, getting out around 4:30! We sat with our friends while waiting for Ms Becky. Then hit ALL the rush hour traffic and red lights. Ran into the airport, through security, up to our gate, only to be told that we were not there "early" enough to board! WHAT?!?!? how crazy is that! It was not even time for our flight to leave!! So we went back out to the counter only to find there were no flights to anywhere near us with 2 seats on it tonight, so we are rebooked for tomorrow :(
But there were MAJOR blessings in this!!
1) we had no time to get any food for dinner and were both hungry
2) I was exhausted and still miserable sick and very worried about the hour drive home once we landed
3) We were able to call Tracey and find out what hotel she was staying at near the airport
4) And this wonderful hotel had a shuttle pick us up at the airport
5) They have a diner next door, with very good cheap food AND we got to sit with Tracey and her awesome mom!!! I think there were several times we had the other patrons looking at us cause we were laughing SO loudly!! :)

So Gerri is sound asleep and I am ready to hit the sack!! I still feel like my ears are blocked and all day long I had to keep saying "excuse me" cause I could not hear well :(

We have 2 weeks off till our next appt, hopefully at that time we will be able to see the bones in her feet! Dr vB is happy and that is the most important thing!


MamaPoRuski said...

Wow! We've done the "fly in, see MD, fly out" trips too, and those are always stressful! Glad God redeemed your time and blessed you both! Pretty choices of cast colors too!

Sally-Girl! said...

I am getting giddy with excitement to finally give you a hug in person!!!! What time is your appt on Friday the 8th? We have to be there for a 9am appt.

Jennifer said...

Oh nuts! I have no clue what happened to my comments :(
Oh well. I just LOVE the picture of Gerri and Madeline meeting for the first time. What's up with no pics of you and Carolyn together? I love Gerri's pink and purple casts! Hope she is doing well - and you too Mama :)

MoonDog said...

you saw MADELINE!!!?? SO JEALOUS!!

David and Carolyn said...

All the waiting around was well worth it because we got to meet so many wonderful people like you Nancy and Gerri ! So glad I got a real hug this time :)