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Thursday, March 17, 2011

what!! the plane!! again!!

yes she completely dressed herself!!

Danny's teaching math

Daddy needs help painting!

Look at me go!

Danny is SO excited to be going with us to Philly

Watching a movie!! very engrossing!

Waiting to board!

tracing (OT) is so much fun!!

They both did this for an hour!

Eating our pb and fluff on green bread for dinner!

Then we did ABC's and 123's!!

wow mom! that is a lot!

Playing at the RMH!!
I picked the kids up at school at 3 and we arrived at the RMH in Philly at 8:30!! Wow are we tired!!
Danny was SO excited about being here he was just non-stop! Gerri kept telling everyone that she was here with her brother and she was going to show him around :)

We already met another AMC family here, they are SO nice. They come all the way from Canada!!
Tomorrow we meet a bunch of Reece's Rainbow families at Shriners and we are SO excited!!! Well at least I am :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! I am so hoping we get at the same house!!!

Now tell me where you got the tracing pages and please don't say your local grocery either!!!

Jodi said...

thinking of you all :)

the kids are so darn cute, and V did a great job on the outfit!