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Saturday, March 26, 2011

you see, we just thought we were leaving :)

We both slept SO well :) We woke up and showered (I went first then picked up Gerri with a towel wrapped around her casts and held her while she lay under the relaxing water :))

Gerri primping before heading home
 The hotel had a wonderful breakfast that was included with our room :)
We decided to take the 9:00 shuttle to make SURE we made it on our flight
Multi-tasking, playing the ipod and talking to her sister on the phone

watching a movie while I grab us lunch to take on the flight

So here is where the title of the post comes from:, cause I know you are NOT going to believe it!!
We get in line to preboard first, with a large line behind us. The attendant tries to scan our passes and they are INVALID!!! For some reason they were cancelled, and the seats were given to someone else. We are asked to stand aside and a supervisor called. The next thing we know we hear over the intercom, "our flight appears to be overbooked by 2 seats, is anyone willing to give up their seats and fly later today in exchange for a flight voucher" So obviously we are the 2 overbooked seats! Would you believe that 1 person was willing to give up their seat!! NO ONE ELSE!! By now the supervisor comes and he is just flabbergasted that our boarding passes are no good, HE asks the line "IS anyone else willing to give up a seat in exchange for a flight voucher, a confirmed seat on our later flight AND a food voucher!" Would you believe that NO ONE would do it!! He then went on the plane to ask if anyone would do it, NO takers!! I asked if WE agreed to go on the afternoon flight would WE get vouchers and he said YES!! SO, since we could NOT get on the flight anyway :( We got 2 flight vouchers (that will almost completely pay for our next flight to Philly) a wonderful free lunch and CONFIRMED seats on the 3:40 flight home. The attendant and the supervisor was just amazed that NO one would give up their seats when it was obvious that we were the ones without seats. But the supervisor and attendant were SO nice to us :)

We had lunch at a cool little bistro, we were watching the guys below
Silly girl dancing to the music while I try to explain to hubby why we are not on the flight home!!

She is blurry because she is rocking SO fast!!

We did some people watching!!
I had texted Tracey to ask if they were at the airport yet, so we walked to their terminal to talk and kill some time!! Tracey and her mom as SO SO cute!!
We are now at our new gate - I double checked to MAKE sure our boarding passes are good  and they are!!
Ps-Jenn, David took a picture of us girls together and once they post it I will steal borrow it and post it!


Sally-Girl! said...

What a fiasco, but hey I would take two free flights for it!!! Good thing it was just the two of you!!!

David and Carolyn said...

I'd say the title for your blog post should be patience wins! Good deal,plane tickets for the next trip. After you left us at Shriners, we waited another two hours! Finally we grabbed another taxi with another mom and made it back to RMDH just in time to eat. I'll get some photos up soon you of you and me my dear. I really enjoyed our visits with you both. Gerri the coloring pages are up on the fridge.