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Friday, March 4, 2011

A very long day :(

We had a very nice breakfast at the hotel. I had them making letters out of the silverware :)
 We called for a taxi, thankfully her wheelchair collapses down so we could put it in the trunk :)
He dropped us off at the wrong hospital, but luckily it was right next door to Shr*ners
Playing in the lobby

Hanging in the room
 While waiting we got to meet another Reece's Rainbow family!! Aaron has arthro too and is also from Ukraine :)
He was not quite sure about us girls bothering him :) :) But he is a solid boy! He is only 6 and much bigger than Gerri.
Aaron, Gerri and Victoria

Ms Julia and Aaron :) :)

I took a couple of pictures of Gerri's feet, they really are not great :( and she wears her AFO's religiously
Ms Mimi and Dr vB oohed and aahed over the pics the kids made for them! They taped them to the wall

Dr vB took all new measurements

He had a tight grip on her foot and leg

It took all 3 to keep her in place, she tends to wiggle all around to avoid being stretched (she is laughing)
 Every once in a while Dr vB would ask her if she was ok and she would laugh and say yes :)
This experience was SO different from our other casting experiences. He uses full plaster all the way up her leg to her groin and casts her with knees bent 90 degrees. All Gerri's other casts were plaster on the feet and then fiberglass the rest of the way to mid thigh, with pretty straight legs.

Hot Pink was chosen!!
Victoria was right in there to help

Shr*ners made Victoria a bracelet too so she would feel special

Very tired!!! We were waiting in the lobby for the shuttle to take us to the RMH, 4 1/2 hours after arriving!!
 I had called the RMH's this am while at the hotel and one said they were pretty sure we could get in, the other said call in 2 hours. So we checked out of the hotel and took all our stuff with us to the hospital. I did not think we would be there for 4 1/2 hours, but luckily learned our lesson from last time and had granola bars, raisins and lollipops :) That was our lunch! Ms V was SO excited about finally going to the RMH. All they talked about was dressing up!

We didn't even go to our room for 2 hours so they could chill out, relax and have fun

A local family made us a wonderful dinner, the girls had mac n cheese and I had wonderful beef stew!
 2 of the family members sat with us for dinner and the girls entertained them the whole time!!

In the kitchen with their chef's hats on :)

Victoria "painting" with her new toy wagon toy :)

So happy to be in bed!!
Gerri had a tough time adjusting to the casts, they are much heavier and more awkward. She is SO used to being independent and can't right now. I brought children's pain relief and was giving them to her all day every 4 hours to keep the pain at bay. Both girls fell asleep as soon as I started the lullabies on my computer :)

Ms Becky is picking us up in the am so we can have breakfast together and then off to the airport to home!!


Hispanic said...

I was just wondering what type of wheelchair Gerri has? We will be looking at some on Monday!

ellenpdazo at hotmail dot com

Sally-Girl! said...

Glad to see you have finally been seen by him. YOu will have to email me details. I need to call on Monday to find out where we are in the system. They had Bryson entered and were waiting on orders from dr to set appts. How many casts is he guessing?