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Saturday, March 5, 2011

a breakthrough I hope!

Talking to Daddy before breakfast

Telling Danny what they are doing

In Ms Becky's car with their goodie bags she made them!!
 Victoria was so funny, she said, "good thing Danny isn't here cause these are GIRL bags"

The girls with Ms Becky :) our new bestest buddy!!

Looking at their new booty!

And it makes a great pillow!! note Ms V reading the safety rules :)

So happy to be going home!!
 I could tell Gerri was hurting, she likes to sleep on her back and with bent knees it is uncomfortable. I put a pillow under her knees and that seemed to help a bit. I have been giving her pain reliever since yesterday. She finally said her left knee hurts. It is bent 90 degrees which is a bit tight for her. She is very uncomfortable and does not like being immobile :( She settled down on the plane and they played and enjoyed themselves. Our flight out of Philly was delayed an hour so by the time we landed in Fl we were all tired and cranky and hungry. What is up with airlines offering nothing to eat!! We stopped at BK in the airport and had a quick bite. On our way out of the airport Gerri tossed her cookies all over! Victoria was so grossed out that she started with the dry heaves! She was so upset about throwing up on herself :( I asked her why she did not tell me she did not feel good and she just looked at me. I was so tired and frustrated that I almost started crying. We had to go to the bathroom, which was right next to us to clean her up as best I could. I asked her again why she could not tell me she had to throw up and she just stared at me. At times like this is when I get so frustrated with her. She just can not let go of her control. She still does not trust that mommy and daddy will take care of her. I told her that mommy was so very sad that she could not tell me she felt sick and told her that at 7 years old she is too old to be doing this.
Gerri had a bit of a breakdown in my car on the way home :(
 But I think we might have had a bit of a breakthrough on the car ride home. We talked a bit about how sad mommy and daddy are that she does not trust us to take care of her and protect her. I said that is what mommies and daddies do. I asked her what happened on vacation when Victoria got sick and she told me that we took care of her. Victoria asked her why she didn't want mommy and daddy to take care of her and Gerri started crying. Victoria told her that is what mommy and daddy do, they love us and take care of us. I think Victoria got through to her like no one else could. Gerri then told me that she did not want casts anymore, that her knee was hurting and her tummy. We had a great talk about how she could not walk last summer but that the casts fixed that, that she already had 11 casts done and she only has to have 3. She also said she was afraid to be left at the hospital by herself and I asked her if she has ever gone to the dr's by herself, no, has mommy and daddy been there with her for everything, yes, have we done everything we can to help her, yes.  By the time we got home she seemed so much more relieved, relaxed and settled.
She is settling in with remembering how to get around, using her chair, getting on and off the potty. When she got into bed tonight I put her pillow pet under her knees, hugged her and kissed her.

So happy to be back together!
Everyone was very tired and beat, sound asleep at 8:00. Thank heavens we have another day off before school!
And we get to do this again next week, and the week after, and the week after! :(

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David and Carolyn said...

Anytime an adopted child opens the door of their heart and shares their true feelings openly is a huge breakthrough. Thank the Lord you're not trying to go in and rearrange the furniture when Gerri has. After my adopted daughter will share what's on her heart and sees it's ok that mommy is hearing it and wants to help, she tells me after wards, " Mom I don't know why I feel so good after telling you these things even though they hurt, that I feel better ". I told her it's laying down more of the burden. And encourage her to think about forgiveness. She's getting there.So will Gerri. Trust is such a big thing to these dear children. Nancy, she's got a great Mama :)