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Friday, March 18, 2011

Cast #3 and mini AMC/RR meet ups!!

Gerri being a ham with Aaron and his dad :)

Lots of RR kiddos :)

Ms Julia meeting Alayna :)

The group!! 9 sn kiddos adopted through Reeces Rainbow!! And a bunch of AMC'ers!!

The boys smashing their toy phones!!

Ms Tammy goo goo over Ms Monroe :)

There were bodies everywhere!!

It was SO fascinating to the kids when the candy bar got caught in the machine :)

Danny and Sophie talking :)

Playing with the DS

Then it was finally our turn!!! Each visit is harder for Gerri :(
 She says it hurts the whole time they are sawing off the casts, but is not specific about where it hurts. I have to hold her pretty tight or she jiggles all around. I kept her busy by talking and singing till it was done.


Ms Mimi came in to hug Danny :) :)

Danny was treated special by everyone :)

It gets pretty messy during casting!! We ALL end up wearing it!
 Gerri was SO uncomfortable during casting today :( Dr vB is pretty hopeful about her foot bones so we will keep it up! Next week we will get this cast off and have x-rays done to tell us the real story.   I had given her some pain meds before we left, but we had a very long wait today and they had worn off by our turn. So next time I take them WITH me :)

Very pooped out from the whole thing!

Danny finally got to see the infamous cow pillow in the game room! Gerri is very proud of her yellow/red casts!

The volunteer group for dinner had lots of kids that came to play with everyone!!

Danny had SO much fun helping them prepare the mexican taco dinner :)

After dinner we had a puppet show!!

The really nice thing about going every week is that we get to meet friends that I have only ever met online!! Some that I have emailed with for years!! I also get to meet new families.
Danny has had so much fun even if he got a bit bored today waiting around :)
But we had school while we waited, counting, spelling, sounding out letters and words.
We will be back next week, just Gerri and I for a 1 day very long day, fly in early and fly out late!


Sally-Girl! said...

Can't believe in 3 weeks we will finally meet after 4 years of knowing each other via computer and phone calls!!! Interesting how and why we end up meeting!!!Love it!!!

Jennifer said...

How nice to have that group together! I'm sure you guys had fun chatting :)

Molly said...

So so SOOOOOO jealous. I wish I had been there!

Tracey S. said...

Thanks for taking such AWESOME pics of you all sitting in clinic together. This kind of gathering happens pretty much every time I'm in a Friday clinic but I am bad about taking pictures.