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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday (OT) Fun :)

We started with these planters

They were patiently waiting for their soil plug to re-moisturize

Then you put 3/4 of the soil in the planter

in the LITTLE opening

Then you pour the seeds on top (ignore the bed head :))

Then you put the remaining soil on top :)

Then you WAIT for the seeds to grow! (guess how many times we have heard when is it going to grow)

Then after lunch we did this gift from Auntie :)

They had to read a key, match the numbers with the colors

They literally sat for almost 2 hours!!!!

The finished products

These are mine :)

Left to right, Victoria, Gerri and Danny - all by themselves!!!
Gerri seems to be doing much better now at home. She is remembering how to get around. Her knee seems to have settled in at the 90 degree bend. I have been having her trying to stretch with her legs in the v shape as the adductor muscle in her left groin has tightened up since it was released in November. She has been scooting all around, already going up and down the stairs. Last night I got a big hug and love you mommy that seemed more real. I hugged her big time and told we would all get through this together and she piped up with "yes mommy as a family" :)
This morning I dressed her in loose pants so she can get them up and down easily. I had her sit on the floor and stretch some more and I can already see it is better. Dan sat with her and told her as only he can "honey I know this s*cks, but it will get better" she smiled at him and said "I know daddy, only 2 more casts" lots of hugs and I love yous today :) I told her as I took her out to the bus that if she needed help at all to have her teacher call and either mommy or daddy would come to her.  More kisses and I love yous :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Love the picture art thingamajig. What are they?

Glad to hear she is settling in with the casts.

Jodi said...

looks like fun, and they turned out great!

I wanna live at your house.

Is Dan feeling better?? He must be since he was 'planting' too :)