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Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 quick prayer requests!!

school picture day!!

I have 2 quick prayer requests!
#1 and the most important is that the xrays tomorrow show that the stubborn bones in Gerri's feet are moving so we can keep on casting, thus avoiding external fixators!!!!
#2 and much less important, is for my health, I have a nasty cold and dread flying :(

The most exciting part of tomorrow is I get to meet Tracey - the most awesome AMC'er around!! And I get to meet Ms Madeline!!! a cutie patootie that has been home for only a couple of months. I had the extreme pleasure of being their stateside helper for their paperwork chase and can not wait to meet them in person!!

We are trying to do a one day trip :) we leave the house around 4:30 am and get home around 10:00 pm.
We shall see how it goes :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Certainly will pray for Gerri's feet!! And you are so lucky to meet Tracey and Madeline!!!! And lucky for us to finally meet you in a few weeks as well!!!

Amy said...

Pray'n for all of you! God be with you on your journey!