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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ReCast #2 is done!

Cute table and chairs in the front room
how silly!?!?
Surprise - it turned into a contest while waiting for the shuttle!
In the waiting room :)
After signing we decided to check out the cafeteria on the 6th floor
good food and very cheap!
How cool is this central area on the 6th floor!!
What an amazing view!!
Getting ready to have it taken off!
Laughing hysterically!!
OMG!! look who came to visit us all the way from the Islands!!!
Ms V was there but did NOT want to touch them! The local tv was there filming :)
Into the cast room so we can get measured by the intern
Then Dr vB comes in to manipulate the feet - she did not like this at all! Ms V is helping.
Dr vB does all new measurements before the new cast goes on
No pictures of the casting process as I had to hold on to Ms Gerri :) But she was happy it was not as messy this time
Who IS this guy?!?!? They both fell asleep in the cab on the way back to the house, so they are a bit dazed
This train is SO detailed! It is Eagles stadium in the center
Playing ice hockey with some help
playing with modeling clay
Back to playing ice hockey while I print out our boarding passes
Our own red couch photo! How cute is Fu Shon and the girls :) :)

My fully loaded burrito watching BL*es Cl*es this am in the main room next to the kitchen
The dining room and play area right nearby
The loaded kitchen
Laundry room on our floor, our sheets and towels are getting cleaned while we play
I realized that I did not take any pics of Gerri's casts - they are green for St Pats day :)
She did much better this time. Her knees were very stiff after the casts came off so we stretched them till she was comfortable and then it was time for new ones :) Oh, and since he is seeing movement of her stubborn foot bones he wants to keep casting to try to avoid external fixators on her feet. Gerri was not happy to hear it but when I explained it was that casts or surgery she did not hesitate to say casts!!
Dr vB is off 2 Fridays in April so her 2 extra casts turns into a month more of casts :(
We hung around and had lunch and played a bit before deciding not to wait till 3:00 to take the shuttle back to the house. I called a cab and the driver was SO nice!! HE told us stories about Philly the whole way back to the house. The girls both fell asleep and slept the whole way back.
They played all afternoon and with so many different kids. This house is so different than the other one, but the kids are loving it!! While the kids were playing I was checking emails and up the hall came James the Shr*ners shuttle driver! Turns out he was looking for us!! I felt SO bad!! I had no idea they would assume we would ride back to the house if we rode it in the am :( He said he had been looking for us all over the hospital and then decided to drive out to the house to make sure we were all right! Wow! I apologized over and over :( I told him it would not happen again! We are SO well taken care of here.
Dinner was spaghetti and pork loin :) yummy! We met another AMC family at dinner time. The girls played together while we watched some tv. Next week Danny is coming and will be fun to see who else we meet!!
I have a whole new respect for the Shriners and Ronald McDonald House, I never thought we would ever need their services and they have been SO amazing!!!

We fly home today, Danny has his district Pine Derby race today!! Go Danny!!


Sally-Girl! said...

Again, thanks for all the photos!!Hey, what two Fridays in April other than the 1st? I was told the last Friday in March and first Friday in APril. Can't panic now as I have tickets booked!

So happy he is already getting improvement!!! That is giving me hope too!!!

SOunds like we maybe there at the same time some time in April!! Hopefully you come back for on April 22nd for casts off!

Tracey S. said...

I am THRILLED to read her stubborn foot bones are moving with casting! Having been through foot external fixation I am pulling for those casts to work thoroughly!