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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back home again!

Gerri "talking" to her barbie :)

Doing homework while the girl scouts cook breakfast

It is hard to write 2 sentences

Watching 2 boys play xbox :)

Danny played Dora, but was more interested in Indiana Jones

So they played Cars and raced each other!!

They got very comfortable!

Teacher Gerri had class after breakfast!!

They were talking up a blue streak :)

Gerri and Danny were singing like crazy, Danny stopped when he saw my camera :)
The loud noise is the plane

Here is a quick video of our welcome home! Since we got in at 5:30 I had hubby and Victoria meet us at a restaurant :) The kids were SO cute!
Welcome Home!!! (till Next Friday)

1 comment:

David and Carolyn said...

I love the hugs! HMM I wonder where who they get that from... maybe their huggy mom :)
That's so nice Gerri's siblings can be with her on these trips too.