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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look at her go!!

This is so amazing! Gerri has not been on a trampoline in a while. She has never been able to balance enough to bounce!!

YouTube Video

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Very special day!!

a special package 6-8 weeks in the making!!!
um, directions???
I had it delivered to work so the guys in the shop could help :)

Gerri is going to LOVE it!!!!
She has NEVER had a bike! she does not have the range of motion to ride a regular bike :(

trying to do it!


brotherly help up the little hill!
I think she loves it!!!!

Danny got his cousins bike, so his bike got passed down to Victoria. Yesterday she rode it for the first time (NO training wheels) and did not like it at all!
Today we have this:
They are BOTH amazing!!!!!!!!! :)
Way to go girls!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy Crossover!! :)

We had the privilege of watching Danny cross over from cub scouts to boy scouts!!!
it was raining outside so we had to meet inside
campfire check!
native american check!

time for all the Webelo's II scouts to line up!
out of both troops, all but 3 are moving on to boy scouts!! :)
Then it was Danny's turn to cross over, love how the boy scouts are there to meet them!!

boy scouts old and new!!

end the ceremony with a chant and prayer! :)

so so proud of Danny, this is a big step! :)
love you buddy!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First Communion!!

Danny and Gerri had their first communions May 4th! :) they were SO excited!
all the clothes laid out and ready to go!!

can we go yet?!?!
They all had all new clothes!

love my blooming tree! Makes it look warm :)

a little early for church so we went up to the altar

Father Silva came over to prep them :)

They walked in with the procession!

So intent listening :)

they got to carry the gifts up to the altar
(fr Silva was so sweet and came down so Gerri would not have to climb the step with the host in her hands)

up at the altar waiting for their first communion!!

right afterwards :)
The whole congregation clapped and congratulated them!!
Ms V is ready for next year!

had to go out to lunch - with their favorite cousin cole! :)

they SO love each other!!

family photo! we don't often get them!

photo with grampy and grammy :)

Angels from nana :)
SO proud of Danny and Gerri, they did an amazing job! :)