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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a great day!!
We had my whole family over for a great meal!
Victoria had her hair cut the day before and the stylist make it all fancy - she was very excited! :)

everyone gathers around the appetizers! 

The "kids" playing :)

preparing the food!

had to have some crafts!

yes, a gingerbread house!

yes, I took  a picture of the desserts, we had more choices than the main meal!!

proud of their creation!

another art and craft project! so cute!
Hope everyone had a wonderful day with wonderful family!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


YouTube Video

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quick Philly trip!!

Last week was a hard week for Gerri, her entire class had a field trip that they have been planning for the last 2 months and unfortunately it is not handicapped accessible. With the two casts she needs to use her wheelchair at school. I had to break the news to her and she was very sad. I felt so bad for her!!
I decided to take her to work with me, got all dressed up, did work, got paid and then we met up with daddy and went out for lunch! she had so much fun. Turns out that the day of the fieldtrip was unusually cold, she would have froze to death! so it worked out better for her!

On Friday Gerri and I headed down to Philly for the weekend.
I wanted to have a sit down with the dr since I found out this week that AFO's are now taking 6 weeks to make! that would mean 4 weeks in a set of casts just waiting for the new afo's. she has already been in casts for almost 7 weeks already and the longer she is not mobile the more muscle she loses and more depressed she gets :( 

her feet are looking amazing!!


look at those knees!!!!!!!! :)

so amazing! she was measured at 65 degrees rom! (7 weeks ago she had only 30! )
 Dr vB came in and I hit him with my request to talk about doing something since AFO's are taking so long. I asked if there was any way to tweak her old AFO's so she would not have to be in casts for the next month.
Luckily I had brought them with me so he checked them over and promplty said, "well mom, how about we do this....' and we came up with a plan! He decided to NOT recast her, tweak her old afo's and we will head back to Philly the week before her afo's are ready and get recasted fri/mon and then come back that fri to get the cast off and pick up new afo's. I was thrilled!!! Gerri was not really paying attention to the conversation until I looked at her and said "gerri - NO casts today!!" She screamed and jumped into dr vB's arms!! totally shocking him! :) it was So cute! I was SO happy that she was so happy :) Now we could go home and not have to come back for 3 weeks!
since it was already 6:15 pm by now and we were the last patients dr vB took the old AFO's over to O&P and tweaked them himself!!
I think he was enjoying banging the rivets out! :)
 If it had been a bit earlier I probably would have just driven home, but since I had been up since 5 am we headed over to rmh house to eat and sleep. Luckily we had the amazing pleasure to spend time with Sheri Duval and her beautiful daughter!!! :) (I love meeting up with one of my families!! )
how cute are they!! :)
 then we headed up to our room to settle down and were thrilled to find this:
my bed

gerri's bed

extras :)
We drove home today and Gerri was so happy to be home and be movig around. She is very stiff and it feels so weird to walk, but by tonight she was moving better. She took a nice long bath and was so happy to play and soak in the water! :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First snow!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Philly trip done!

Last weekend we did a Philly trip again. This time Ms V went along to keep Gerri company :)

looking good!!

look at that left knee bend!! Wow!!

waiting on dr vB :)

when we started casting 3 weeks ago Gerri's left knee measured 30 degrees, on Friday it was 50!!
 I mentioned to dr vB that her right foot was not quite flat and we had not casted it for over 2 years. He agreed and we decided since we were already casting we might as well do both feet! (Gerri was NOT happy)
a dr on each foot!

in order to get out on Friday dr vB did the fiberglass on her foot! first time ever :)
we were the last family there.

she is smiling, but not comfortable! :( 
 we had a great group of high school kids at the rmh for activities and the kids had a great time!

The next day we went to a mall in Cherry Hill, thankfully Amanda let us use their stroller so we could get around :)
ice cream after lunch :) yum!!

victoria had so much fun running around and playing with the kids

Gerri had fun moving around and Keelen loved having a chauffeur
Saturday night was pj, movie and popcorn night at rmh!

so much fun!

Sunday was a lazy hang around kind of day!

Puzzle time!

playing in the big play room Sunday night just before bed time!

Monday was molding time! new AFO's and new KAFO!

looking so much better!!

casts till next friday when we go back to philly again!
her left knee is now measuring 60 degrees!!!