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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Philly trip done!

Last weekend we did a Philly trip again. This time Ms V went along to keep Gerri company :)

looking good!!

look at that left knee bend!! Wow!!

waiting on dr vB :)

when we started casting 3 weeks ago Gerri's left knee measured 30 degrees, on Friday it was 50!!
 I mentioned to dr vB that her right foot was not quite flat and we had not casted it for over 2 years. He agreed and we decided since we were already casting we might as well do both feet! (Gerri was NOT happy)
a dr on each foot!

in order to get out on Friday dr vB did the fiberglass on her foot! first time ever :)
we were the last family there.

she is smiling, but not comfortable! :( 
 we had a great group of high school kids at the rmh for activities and the kids had a great time!

The next day we went to a mall in Cherry Hill, thankfully Amanda let us use their stroller so we could get around :)
ice cream after lunch :) yum!!

victoria had so much fun running around and playing with the kids

Gerri had fun moving around and Keelen loved having a chauffeur
Saturday night was pj, movie and popcorn night at rmh!

so much fun!

Sunday was a lazy hang around kind of day!

Puzzle time!

playing in the big play room Sunday night just before bed time!

Monday was molding time! new AFO's and new KAFO!

looking so much better!!

casts till next friday when we go back to philly again!
her left knee is now measuring 60 degrees!!!

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