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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hair cuts for school!







I took them out for lunch after and they were sassy and beautiful! :)

then we dressed up for dinner :)
I noticed Gerri limping and found she has relapsed a bit with her latest growth spurt :(
good news, bad news. good news - growth spurt, bad news - relapse.
I took a picture to send to her Dr in Philly and we will be going back for casting again :(
I am padding her foot and we will not be driving down for some serial casting till October.
they start school right after labor day and she wants (I want ) her to start school being mobile and not in a cast and her wheelchair. three years home and she still couldn't let me know her foot hurt :(

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cookie time!

Nana found monster university cookies!
First we made the cookies!

Then we added the pictures!

Then we painted them!!

Love them!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bathroom is done! :)

yah!! mirror mounted low so they can look at themselves :)

new tub/shower unit and hooks for towels :)

yah!! a linen closet!! :)

grab bars everywhere :) princess mirror not mounted yet :)

we took the time to move Danny's room, set up a computer area, get him ready for 5th grade!!
 He loves it! :)
We set up a work area and a file cabinet :)

they have been so busy all summer, 4 weeks of summer reading school, now 2 weeks of Club Simonds, the town rec dept. They then have 2 weeks off before school starts right after labor day.
Yesterday we went to visit my best friend from high school! I have not seen her in so long! we had a ball!! for sure our next visit will not be so far away :)

they played some ball

husked the grilled corn

very happy to get their clothes wet in the lake

Danny was NOT so sure! 

Here he is jumping off the dock!!!
He has come SO far :)

Uncle Dick was nice enough to play in the sand with Gerri :)
I totally forgot to get a pic of me with MaryEllen :( soon!
love ya kiddo!!