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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What we have been up to :)

Dan and I have unpacked ALL the boxes!! The kids are all signed up for school! Our insurance is switched over and we made it through a hurricane with NO damage at all!!
The kids have been swimming every day!

Ginger finally realized she could go in (both dogs used to swim in FL all the time)

Ginger got a kiss for being a good girl :)
This is the same child that used to be SO mean to the dogs!!

Maggie got in, barked at everyone, drank the water and then got out!

We have trainer her well!!! :) :)

Gerri is SO happy to be able to help!
Hard to believe last summer she could only scoot on her butte, now she walks confidently barefoot!!!

The kids had to all swim with the dogs.

all this swimming is exhausting!!
 We have been having some growing pains! All 3 kids have been nudgie (is that a word???) Not making good choices, Not acting their ages, Not playing nice, Not cleaning up, Not listening, etc.
We know there have been lots of changes and all 3 are nervous about school starting NEXT week(!!!) so we have been letting them get their energy out with swimming as much as possible.

Danny got to be the first to meet their new pediatrician at the base, what a cool room and table!
a little nervous!

what great murals!
 Danny has grown 2 inches and gained 7 pounds this summer!!!!!!! wow!!!
He really liked his Dr and she agreed to continue on with his meds as is. She had copies of his IEP and psych report put into his record. They still have not gotten the kids records from our ped in FL who sent them a week ago and charged me $75!!! I will have to call to follow up :(

The kids had lunch and played Little pet shop by the pool :)

Can't resist the water!

The girls got dressed, slapped on their backpacks and headed on out to girl land!! :)
I see my new Dr on Friday to get a referral to an ortho Dr up here. I think it is time to get the hip done, so not looking forward to it though :(
hopefully they won't weigh me :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!! and Irene WHO????

Dan's daughter Tracy brought us a very tasty triple chocolate cake!

We bbq'd and swam :)

And dove in and jumped in (and barked)

Then Tuesday was my sister's 25th wedding anniversary :)

woo hoo!! congrats!

all the grandkids together :) :)

food is out!

believe it or not the kitchen is big :)

the kids had their own area outside and it was also decorated
 Nana baked and baked!! we had ziti, chicken and pork parm and chicken fricassee :) :) yummy!!
her cake - chocolate whoopie pie :)

his cake - boston creme pie!!

the kids played outside with their glow sticks

the happy couple :) :)

younger sister acting up as usual :)

yesterday was new student orientation, the asst principal took us all around the whole school!!

this is what we found this am when we woke up :)
she said Gerri was snoring too loud!
And just to make Dan absolutely crazy!!!!! Here comes Irene!!

As all who know us (and Dan) he is in what I like to affectionately call "chicken little" mode. We have taken in all of our outside furniture. He just got sand bags at the DPW. The generator has been fueled up and we have 4 gas cans full. We just got water and milk. We are all set :) :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

We Made It!!! Almost completely unpacked!

Our leisurely morning of closing turned into getting up early and packing everyone and everything up because PODS called the day before to say they would be at the house around 7:30 am!! So we had to leave the rental by 6 am!!
First pod dropped off Wednesday am
 We then ran out to DD for coffee and donuts and to pick up some pool shock since the seller's had not turned the pool back on and shocked it like they said so it was a bit green :( :(
We then went back to the house to let the pest guys in for treatment

they dug a trench all around the whole house and treated for termites
then sprayed and treated for mice

Then the carpet guys arrived to do the 2 big bedrooms!!

house was finally empty just before closing!

one of the sellers was there still packing like crazy

bil talking to the wifey :)

office to be danny's room

second master to be girls room (before new carpet)

cute little gift left by the sellers for the kids :)
 They also left champagne, cheese and crackers in the fridge and dove bars in the freezer!!

on to the second bedroom!
 Dan stayed at the house to watch over the carpet guys while I ran the kids over to my sister's so Nana could watch them and I could get to a computer to get a copy of our HUD to check over.
We were late getting to the closing and it was almost 3 pm by the time we finished signing and going over docs!! The seller's were nervous as they had a 5 pm flight to FL :)
We ran from the attorney's office to the house to empty Dan's truck, then ran to my sister's house where Dan dropped me off to get my car, the kids and Nana while Dan had to drive all the way back to the rental house in Gloucester to pack the couple of things left and get the dogs and hit traffic!
The kids could NOT wait!!!!!
 Our new mattress was delivered around 5 pm so we were all set to sleep, the kids were not getting their mattresses till Thursday, so we had their camping beds all set for them.

Grampy and Grammy came over after work to help us unload the first POD. They were incredible!! We emptied the house POD in less than 2 hours and set up our bed! Then we ordered in pizza so we could eat!!
We slept so good being in the house with all our stuff!! Thursday morning was very exciting as the furniture arrived!!
then Bob's arrived with our furniture!!

our room is close!! just don't look in the closets :)

in the middle of unpacking!! stuff everywhere!

starting moving stuff around!

there is a dining set in there!
I spent most of Thursday unpacking boxes while Dan unpacked the garage POD and tried to sort through all our stuff. My bil came over with some stuff we had bought and our niece played in the pool with the kids. He and Dan finished unloading the second POD and I just kept doing boxes!!
The dumpster (from the sellers) was picked up :)
Grampy and Grammy came again Thursday night to help empty the trailer
My sister, Denise, came over on Friday to help and her son played with the kids in the pool. Veriz*n was here to set up the tv/internet/phone and Danny became their helper :) Their half hour turned into 4 hours because there were so many cables in the house. But they finally got it working! PODS came and picked up both empty boxes! I took the kids shopping while Dan kept busy at the house :)
Picnic dinner of pb&j :) :)

I cleared out the living room by Saturday for a family BBQ!!

It was SO much fun to see everyone playing and having a good time!!!

my 2 sisters and one of my beautiful nieces!

the guys all watched the pool guy explaining the system and filter

I pulled out the playstation so the boys would have something to do :)

the girls got all dressed up for the party!!

The family room is just about done, needs pictures and our rug

Dining room is close!

Kitchen is getting there, but I am not liking the way the stuff is laid out so I will have to rearrange :)

Our bedroom is almost done - but the closets will be last

our outdoor set looks nice out front

the living room is really close-need pictures and our rug

my office area is still a mess, but hey I finally got internet late Friday!!!
Ver*zon was at the house for 4 hours!!

Danny's room is already messy :)

The girl's beds will be here 9/3, they love their girly room!!
they go in and play all the time

We are all SO happy to be in the house! Dan and I have been working like dogs to get it all put together. We are so tired at the end of the day and so sore it is hard to sleep. My body has not ached like this in a very  very long time. We hope to never move again!!!!
Our next door neighbor came by tonight with a gift to welcome us to the neighborhood. She had her 2 daughters and 1 will ride the bus with the kids!! they are all so excited!
Tomorrow I head to the school to register Danny and Gerri and see about their preschool program for Victoria!!