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Saturday, August 13, 2011

oh no!

Just a quick note, we are going over to the house to have lunch with the seller's!! pray it goes well, no yelling, no telling us we have an hour to do things. It seems communication has gotten much better since we stopped going through the realtors and just emailed between us!
We got a call from our attorney yesterday to say the title examination brought up some issues that need to be cleared by the seller's attorney. Our attorney cannot fix it since he does not represent the seller, so by lunch he was still trying to get hold of the seller's attorney :( We got an email at 3 pm that the seller's realtor had finally gotten hold of the seller's and their attorney. Our attorney is not sure if we will be able to close on Wednesday :( :(
But on a great note!! Danny and Gerri went with Grampy and Grammy sailing for the weekend! Danny has been a couple of times, but Gerri has never gone. She and I have never been apart since gotcha day March 31, 2010!! I just hope they don't bicker too much. We gave Grampy and Grammy permission to use time out if they need it. It is SO strange just having Victoria with us :) I hope they have a great time! and it will make the remaining time here in the rental go by faster.

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