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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What we have been up to :)

Dan and I have unpacked ALL the boxes!! The kids are all signed up for school! Our insurance is switched over and we made it through a hurricane with NO damage at all!!
The kids have been swimming every day!

Ginger finally realized she could go in (both dogs used to swim in FL all the time)

Ginger got a kiss for being a good girl :)
This is the same child that used to be SO mean to the dogs!!

Maggie got in, barked at everyone, drank the water and then got out!

We have trainer her well!!! :) :)

Gerri is SO happy to be able to help!
Hard to believe last summer she could only scoot on her butte, now she walks confidently barefoot!!!

The kids had to all swim with the dogs.

all this swimming is exhausting!!
 We have been having some growing pains! All 3 kids have been nudgie (is that a word???) Not making good choices, Not acting their ages, Not playing nice, Not cleaning up, Not listening, etc.
We know there have been lots of changes and all 3 are nervous about school starting NEXT week(!!!) so we have been letting them get their energy out with swimming as much as possible.

Danny got to be the first to meet their new pediatrician at the base, what a cool room and table!
a little nervous!

what great murals!
 Danny has grown 2 inches and gained 7 pounds this summer!!!!!!! wow!!!
He really liked his Dr and she agreed to continue on with his meds as is. She had copies of his IEP and psych report put into his record. They still have not gotten the kids records from our ped in FL who sent them a week ago and charged me $75!!! I will have to call to follow up :(

The kids had lunch and played Little pet shop by the pool :)

Can't resist the water!

The girls got dressed, slapped on their backpacks and headed on out to girl land!! :)
I see my new Dr on Friday to get a referral to an ortho Dr up here. I think it is time to get the hip done, so not looking forward to it though :(
hopefully they won't weigh me :)


Jodi said...

It looks like you guys are enjoying the new home! It's awesome...heck, even the dogs life makes me green with envy.
Gerri looks great!!!! To see her up and walking around is to wonderful for words.

Glad you're getting some relaxation in...after the stress of the move.

your end sentence made me smile :)

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Glad to see you all settling in! That doctor's office is really neat and child-friendly! Wow, Victor would be in heaven!

Enjoy your last few days of summer with the kids! :)