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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Farm, Ranch and a Sad Goodbye!

This is how we found Victoria Friday morning, red or white with bagels???

We headed over to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine to spend the day Friday.

Really cool albino alligator

Big one walking right towards us :)

Victoria liked the birds much better than the gators. She kept dragging poor Grammy to see the same birds over and over.

Family photo with an extra kid :)

Komodo Dragon

One of the large alligator pens, Danny liked feeding them.

These two turtles were being "friendly" :) We told Danny they were just going for a ride :)

Trying to get the gator to jump up for a rat, but he would have nothing to do with it :) The kids thought this was so cool!

Down the hatch goes the big fat rat

This poor gator had two turtles sitting on him

Grampy Hold Me!

Having fun with grampy at the Kidzone

On our ride home from the Alligator Farm this happened:

Luckily Dan was driving when a car coming towards us lost its front tire and it came careening down the road right at us! Dan almost had to drive completely into the ditch and the tire slammed into the sliding door right next to me. We got her information and headed home thankful that it was not any worse.
Turns out her insurance was lapsed :( but luckily Dan bought some stuff at the auto store that took out 98% of it!!

On Saturday we ventured over to a ranch fundraiser. It was listed in the paper as a holiday celebration. When we got there we found out the ranch is specifically for aged/mistreated equines. They save/rescue them and take care of them. Both kids were all about the horses big time. We also had bbq for lunch, just something about a burger cooked on a grill :) The entry fee was only $5 per carload and anything spent there went 100% to the care of the horses.

Mommy - there are horses here!!!

Just so precious!!

My favorite picture of all of us taken at the horse ranch :)

Danny was loving on the horses! It is so amazing to see how his confidence is building from school that allows him to enjoy things like this.

We had been going to go to the zoo, but decided to do the ranch instead and we are so glad. We found out on Sunday that the zoo had a lockdown on Saturday because two animals got out!!

Sunday was a sit around and relax day. Dan and Danny took Grammy and Grampy to the airport and Danny was very sad. they got to the airport 1 1/2 hours before their flight only to find it was delayed 2 hours :(

Friday, November 28, 2008

busy busy busy!!

Sorry I have not updated! It has been so busy :) :)

Everyone dressed up for Feast Day at Danny's school Tuesday. The upper classmen and teachers were all pilgrims and the lower classmen were all indians! The kids have been doing indian studies for the last two months and pow wow weekly. Tuesday am was testing day to earn feathers, Danny earned his 3!! They spent the morning playing indian games and then we all sat down for a feast.

Playing kickball. The bigger kids had to play the outfield so in order to make it fair they had to stay on their knees! Danny got a homerun!! As he rounded third he started in for home and everyone was cheering him on, he thought everyone was yelling at him so was in tears as he crossed home :(

The Feast!

Tossing the corn through the hoop

Playing catch the ball in the cup.

All Victoria wanted to do was swing!

Danny's class!

Playing toss the ring

Wednesday I had my followup with the ortho guy, who was happy my hip is better. But wanted to give me shots in my back for my back pain. I told him I wanted to wait a bit, so I see him just before Christmas to see if my back pain is any better :) (I know woosie)

After I had my Dr visit Danny & I went to the airport to pick up Grammy and Grampy. Danny was beside himself he was so excited! Luckily my car doors don't open till the car has come to a complete stop!! He almost brought Grampy to his knees when he jumped out of the car!!
On the way home we stopped at Danny's school so he could show Grammy and Grampy! He was so proud walking around pointing everything out! On the way out we ran into the Director and her husband and He thanked them for letting him go there! It was so cute!

Happy booty from Grammy and Grampy :)

Nothing better than belly rasberries :)

Grampy doing what he does best!!

The dogs are always happy when Grampy comes to visit cause they get walks 1-2 times a day

This is what little missy did while everyone else was out walking and mommy and daddy were watching tv! should have known she was being too quiet :(

lots to be thankful for

Giving Thanks!!
We had thanksgiving dinner around 4, then chilled in the hot tub, got our pj's on and then had pumpkin and apple pie!!

Grampy lick my finger, this white stuff is yummy :)

Grampy is letting me "share" his bagel :)

Little Missy decided she wanted to use the potty!! So we have been staying dry all day. I think it was the Dora stickers I bought :)

We are off to the Alligator Farm today. These were tickets we won at the silent auction.
Hope everyone had a great holiday!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visit with Nana and our new Friend!!

Last Sunday we headed over to Nana's for dinner. She had Danny for the weekend and we wanted Victoria to meet her new kitty.

My favorite photo!! the kids with Nana's new kitty:) They were ruthless, chasing the poor thing all over the house.

The kids keeping busy raking outside Nana's house

Victoria hiding in Nana's kitty carrier

Working out at Nana's, I think it might have been the first time the machine had been used in a while :) :)

Look how much the grass is growing!!

We met up with Ford and Aly and Ms Alyzabeth Wednesday. We were supposed to meet at a park but it was just too darn cold out so we met for lunch :)
Victoria was SO excited about seeing "Lizbeth" her friend :) :)

Hey look! It is my friend Alyzabeth!!!!!!

Keeping Ford and Aly busy :)

The girls going around the tables for a walk ;)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

cha cha cha chia

The really light green is the new grass :) We keep telling Danny that it is our new chia pet - too bad he does not understand what that is.

Being their normal goofy selves :) :)

Victoria's latest game. When one of us is in the bathroom (if the door is not shut you get NO privacy) she lays down outside the door and passes toys or her fingers through and we pass them back. She thinks this is so funny :)

Danny showing off his big muscles :)

Playing on the swingset while we wait for Nana to come over :)

Hey look at me! I have panties on :)
(she went through 4 pairs in a couple of hours so we are going to wait a little bit longer before we try this again :) )

Look at those cute cheeks :)