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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Been so busy here, the time has just flown by!
Last weekend we had a Silent Auction for Danny's school. The PTO did the whole thing. I helped with games, tattoos, setting up and cashing out. We won several auctions as well, tickets to the symphony and to the alligator farm.
The kids had a great time and were non stop the whole time.

Danny's class pumpkin was from the story the little caterpillar

The PTO raised over $5,000!!

The fill guys finally came back to finish the job this past Monday and Tuesday.
As you can see ALL the kids were just fascinated!

The yard looks so different, so much bigger.

We are now waiting for the yard to dry out then they will come back and final grade again. The sod guy is supposed to be here Monday. We may only sod half and then seed the back part.

It has gotten really cold! We just aren't used to it :) We have had several fires in our fireplace already.

Halloween was pretty low key. Nana took Danny to the Jax Zoo for a big event and he had a ball!

Telling Nana a story before they left for the zoo

Victoria & I went to one of the local grocery stores and she had fun too!

I remember the Halloween when I was a kid and I had to wear my sweats under my ballerina costume too :(
The whole way home she kept saying "I LOVE my candy"

Is this chocolate love or what???!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

She is the cutest little Guatemalan princess ever!!! Love those cheeks!

Great Hungry Caterpillar too! What a fun idea!

Danny's Halloween face was unique and clever!

Sounds like you guys are doing well!

Natalie C. said...

Love Danny's Halloween makeup...And Miss V, well what can I say...she is Beautiful!

Don and Be said...

Halloween .... a real fun time. The kids look like they had a ball. Stay warm up there in the north country.