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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Know,I know, I know

Last weekend the boys went to play with Grampy :)
smile for the camera - he loves to help with the sails

teasing daddy
 Poor guys - swimming off the boat, clamming, anchoring in a cute harbor in the cape :)
Helping grammy down below!
 Grampy says Danny passed Dinghy driving 101 :)

All the while the girls and I were just dying in the heat wave with NO ac
So I bought a small sprinkler, we rode around in my van with ac and we went out to eat :)
First time playing while upright in a sprinkler!!!

dancing around the water!
Friday night was the worst, so we had a girl party. All 3 of us in our big bed, in our undies, with fans on both ends of the room going full blast!

We had some rain in the morning Saturday so the girls decided to have a tea party!
I also had to wash everything before putting it away
 We played at McD's :)
They played for about 30 minutes, till their faces were red!

They don't know who he is, but he is cute!
 We drove around in the van, the girls watching dvd's and cooling off. Called my sister to see what they were doing and they said come on down to cool off and we would do something for dinner.
The girls helping auntie color her hair (with crayons)

not too excited about dessert!! all 4 of us ate it all!
 By Sunday the girls were asking for Danny and Daddy :)
We drove around our old stomping grounds on Monday while we waited for the Seller's to decide about our final offer.
Had to visit Dan's parents :)
 We finally got a counter to our final on Tuesday am - sheesh! We countered back with credit at closing to get to the number we had finaled with and they agreed on Tuesday afternoon!!! So we FINALLY had a P&S (Purchase & Sale) by Tuesday night! We lowered the purchase price, took credits at closing to do the needed work ourselves. Some of it will be done the day we close before moving in and the rest over time.
We are all very excited and cannot wait to be in our house with our stuff once again!!!
Everyone is getting testy with each other, we spend WAY too much time in the car traveling around doing stuff and we are all tired. The 3 weeks till closing had better fly!! :)
I will post pictures soon, I promise.
Up early and walking the dogs this am

how the backyard looks with us living here :)
When Dan grills they all sit around and watch :)
I am working on getting the kids into the school system so we can get through special services. Luckily the town we live in doesn't start school till after labor day so we have time to settle into the house and enjoy the pool.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorry to be MIA!

swimming at Auntie and Uncles :)

Girl time!

In the pool again!!

a little cotton candy for the ride home!
 The week has flown by! We have been busy with various inspections on the house. As stuff was found we had to have others in to look and give us estimates. The seller's were rushing us to go to P&S by Friday since they wanted a signed P&S in hand and then leave for FL this weekend to buy a house and boat! We had till Wednesday night at 6 pm to do inspections and we finished at 4 pm :)
Since both Dan and I had to be there for inspections, the kids spent lots of time waiting or in the car. Even when an inspection was supposed to be quick, it turned into about 4 hours :( They were very good. On Wednesday we had a contractor come out to quote some major items. The sellers did not like the numbers so scheduled their own inspections on Thursday.
our favorite seafood place :) after another day in the car
 After another long day we stopped for ice cream and to watch the walzing water!!

While waiting for our contractor on Wednesday we went to town hall to get a new resident packet and then killed time by relaxing at the town common. We had to explain to the kids how to play and roll down a hill :)

2 girls just playing :) :)

Thursday while we waited for the Seller's contractor to come we spent some time with cousins and lunch:)
Fuddruckers is SO much fun!!
 Then back to the waltzing waters!!
While hanging around we got a call from our realtor saying the seller's contrator and chimney could not come out today, so off till tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, the Seller's decided to leave for FL this am!!! (guess they thought they had it in the bag!! We figure they were pushing us for P&S so that they could feel comfortable buying a new house and boat in FL!) The Seller's atty sent our atty a P&S to sign with absolutley NO credits for the work that needed to be done and they had agreed on! So our realtor showed up Friday am and their contractors were a no show! We talked to our atty, took the estimates for the big items and split them in half, had him draw up a new P&S with a reduced sales price and said , for this price and the house as is. It took our atty all day to get hold of their atty who was out of the office and asked him to present it to our realtor, to give to her client's realtor who would give it to the Seller's. WOW! How about if we just do it all for them! So it is now Saturday and we have heard nothing. Our realtor heard last night from the other realtor that their contractor showed up in the afternoon, but they didn't call her to be there. Not playing nice. :(
So we do not know if they are still buying in FL this weekend or not. We have done all of our contractual obligations to this point. We were trying to meet their request for a P&S early and they pretty much had us jump through hoops for nothing.
So we are all stressed, ticked off, tired, in the middle of a freakin heat wave in an old house with no ac! We told our realtor this am that our P&S from yesterday is our final offer. We have eaten half the major repairs and ALL the minor repairs. We did everything they asked and are done.
We are having a miserable summer, the kids are as stressed as us.
We just want this to be done. I told her if it does not happen we are going to find a house to rent with space and our stuff and be comfortable and enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

Dan and Victoria taking the dogs for a beach swim in the am

"walking" the dogs :)
I sent Dan and Danny off with grampy and grammy boating for the weekend to enjoy themselves. We are having extensive girl time! We all slept in our undies in our big bed with both fans on last night and slept till 7am!!
Still no news on the sellers, but our realtor already sent the "we will accomplish this" email this am :)
I emailed right back, "yes we will, if they agree to our deal"
Will let you know!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime Fun!!

We stopped at Fri*ndly's a week ago and they had one of those claw machines in the lobby. Victoria has been obsessing about the princess bear at "Smileys" since. So we told her to save her money :)
Wouldn't you believe she found 50 cents, just what she needed!!
Danny is with Grampy and Grammy for the weekend so it is just the 4 of us :) We all needed a break from each other and Danny is SO excited about sailing :)
So after the home inspection we had Nana take Danny to Grampy's work and went back to Gloucester.  We did stop at Fri*ndly's too. The girls asked me to try and omg!! :
The princess bear was gone, but they each got another stuffed animal

The ice cream truck goes by our house EVERY day!!!!  So we had a treat on Friday!

Very happy to eat their ice cream!
 We spent the day going back and forth between our home inspector, our realtor and the seller's realtor. We finished most of the negotiations just after dinner time. We have to have a Pest inspection Monday and then we will be able to go to P&S and I will post pictures :) Dan & I celebrated with wine:)
Saturday am and I felt horrible!!!! I have not felt this bad in a very long time! The kids thought I was tired
 We left for Maine and Dan's son DJ's house just before lunchtime.
picking blueberries
went to the lake swimming!!!

Just chillin! Gerri was happy the water was warmer than the ocean :)

Then a boat ride!

Dj's wife Nancy brought cookies :)

Having SO much fun!!

Dj let Gerri steer!!  She is a crazy driver!

The girls decided they wanted to swim to the slide out in the lake, DJ and Nancy took the paddleboat.

Gerri swam all the way out and back! She also went down the slide several times.
Victoria swam part of the way then rode on the paddle boat, once they close to the slide she chickened out.
We had SO much fun! We got back to the house just after dinner, got dressed in pj's and the girls were asleep in minutes!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping ourselves busy!!

On Tuesday we spent the day with our realtor, we saw a house that we were supposed to see last week and were too tired to see. We quickly went through it Sunday at the open house and decided we needed to see it without kids running around. We called on Grammy to babysit and they spent a great hour at the park running around and getting sweaty while we checked everything we could on this new house. This house is much more liveable for us, the living is all on 1 level, with LOTS (I mean LOTS) of storage underneath. We have the home inspection this am and hope that there is nothing major. We have no problem with having to fix stuff or having the sellers fix stuff, we just do not want to get into a house that has SO many issues with ALL the major systems, forget what we cannot see.
We had lunch with Grammy and then went to the realtor's office to make an offer on this house.
On the way home we had this:

Grammy pooped them all out at the playground!! The really cool thing is the big playground and wading pool is only a mile from the house!
When we got back to the house we got our bathing suits on and went for a swim!
How cute is this:
sister help!!

proof they went into the very cold water!!! sorry it is blurry :(

then we pulled out the old sparklers found under one of the beds

I will post pictures of the house once we know for sure it is a keeper :) :)
Nana is taking the kids to the same playground, this time armed with bathing suits for the pool!!
Funny thing is the sellers are retiring and moving to FL!! :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

no more casts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least for now :) )on the

on the shuttle bus to the rental car!!! (we had been up since 4 am!!)

sipping my ice coffee!!

bye bye!!!!!!!!!

Ms Ronnie - ck out my feet!!

measuring them!

OMG!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! (and yes, they are still stinky :) )

Sneakers!!!! while waiting for AFO;s!!!

Here are my AFO's!!

look at these feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She actually nodded off in O&P :)

measuring her feet!!

here is how it looks at night time!
We actually made it home at 6:00 pm, after leaving at 4:00 am!! it was a long day but SO worth it!!! Gerri was SO excited about her casts being off!!!! The kids ran out and hugged her and told her they missed her today!!! I got a "hello" :)
She is very tired!! and a bit sore.  But she LOVED her bath tonight!!! She cannot wait till swim time!!! :)
We cannot thank Dr vB enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!