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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summertime Fun!!

We stopped at Fri*ndly's a week ago and they had one of those claw machines in the lobby. Victoria has been obsessing about the princess bear at "Smileys" since. So we told her to save her money :)
Wouldn't you believe she found 50 cents, just what she needed!!
Danny is with Grampy and Grammy for the weekend so it is just the 4 of us :) We all needed a break from each other and Danny is SO excited about sailing :)
So after the home inspection we had Nana take Danny to Grampy's work and went back to Gloucester.  We did stop at Fri*ndly's too. The girls asked me to try and omg!! :
The princess bear was gone, but they each got another stuffed animal

The ice cream truck goes by our house EVERY day!!!!  So we had a treat on Friday!

Very happy to eat their ice cream!
 We spent the day going back and forth between our home inspector, our realtor and the seller's realtor. We finished most of the negotiations just after dinner time. We have to have a Pest inspection Monday and then we will be able to go to P&S and I will post pictures :) Dan & I celebrated with wine:)
Saturday am and I felt horrible!!!! I have not felt this bad in a very long time! The kids thought I was tired
 We left for Maine and Dan's son DJ's house just before lunchtime.
picking blueberries
went to the lake swimming!!!

Just chillin! Gerri was happy the water was warmer than the ocean :)

Then a boat ride!

Dj's wife Nancy brought cookies :)

Having SO much fun!!

Dj let Gerri steer!!  She is a crazy driver!

The girls decided they wanted to swim to the slide out in the lake, DJ and Nancy took the paddleboat.

Gerri swam all the way out and back! She also went down the slide several times.
Victoria swam part of the way then rode on the paddle boat, once they close to the slide she chickened out.
We had SO much fun! We got back to the house just after dinner, got dressed in pj's and the girls were asleep in minutes!!

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