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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Know,I know, I know

Last weekend the boys went to play with Grampy :)
smile for the camera - he loves to help with the sails

teasing daddy
 Poor guys - swimming off the boat, clamming, anchoring in a cute harbor in the cape :)
Helping grammy down below!
 Grampy says Danny passed Dinghy driving 101 :)

All the while the girls and I were just dying in the heat wave with NO ac
So I bought a small sprinkler, we rode around in my van with ac and we went out to eat :)
First time playing while upright in a sprinkler!!!

dancing around the water!
Friday night was the worst, so we had a girl party. All 3 of us in our big bed, in our undies, with fans on both ends of the room going full blast!

We had some rain in the morning Saturday so the girls decided to have a tea party!
I also had to wash everything before putting it away
 We played at McD's :)
They played for about 30 minutes, till their faces were red!

They don't know who he is, but he is cute!
 We drove around in the van, the girls watching dvd's and cooling off. Called my sister to see what they were doing and they said come on down to cool off and we would do something for dinner.
The girls helping auntie color her hair (with crayons)

not too excited about dessert!! all 4 of us ate it all!
 By Sunday the girls were asking for Danny and Daddy :)
We drove around our old stomping grounds on Monday while we waited for the Seller's to decide about our final offer.
Had to visit Dan's parents :)
 We finally got a counter to our final on Tuesday am - sheesh! We countered back with credit at closing to get to the number we had finaled with and they agreed on Tuesday afternoon!!! So we FINALLY had a P&S (Purchase & Sale) by Tuesday night! We lowered the purchase price, took credits at closing to do the needed work ourselves. Some of it will be done the day we close before moving in and the rest over time.
We are all very excited and cannot wait to be in our house with our stuff once again!!!
Everyone is getting testy with each other, we spend WAY too much time in the car traveling around doing stuff and we are all tired. The 3 weeks till closing had better fly!! :)
I will post pictures soon, I promise.
Up early and walking the dogs this am

how the backyard looks with us living here :)
When Dan grills they all sit around and watch :)
I am working on getting the kids into the school system so we can get through special services. Luckily the town we live in doesn't start school till after labor day so we have time to settle into the house and enjoy the pool.

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David and Carolyn said...

Hey Hi Nancy! I'm finally catchinng up on reading some blogs. I hope your three weeks go by fast too so you can all get settled in. Love all your family photos and all the time you spend together. we've had the same dreadful heat and humidity here too. I saw Geri isn't getting any more casts for now. Praise God for that. I'll be in Philly the third week of September. I've got ea few questions to ask you. I'll email sometime.