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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorry to be MIA!

swimming at Auntie and Uncles :)

Girl time!

In the pool again!!

a little cotton candy for the ride home!
 The week has flown by! We have been busy with various inspections on the house. As stuff was found we had to have others in to look and give us estimates. The seller's were rushing us to go to P&S by Friday since they wanted a signed P&S in hand and then leave for FL this weekend to buy a house and boat! We had till Wednesday night at 6 pm to do inspections and we finished at 4 pm :)
Since both Dan and I had to be there for inspections, the kids spent lots of time waiting or in the car. Even when an inspection was supposed to be quick, it turned into about 4 hours :( They were very good. On Wednesday we had a contractor come out to quote some major items. The sellers did not like the numbers so scheduled their own inspections on Thursday.
our favorite seafood place :) after another day in the car
 After another long day we stopped for ice cream and to watch the walzing water!!

While waiting for our contractor on Wednesday we went to town hall to get a new resident packet and then killed time by relaxing at the town common. We had to explain to the kids how to play and roll down a hill :)

2 girls just playing :) :)

Thursday while we waited for the Seller's contractor to come we spent some time with cousins and lunch:)
Fuddruckers is SO much fun!!
 Then back to the waltzing waters!!
While hanging around we got a call from our realtor saying the seller's contrator and chimney could not come out today, so off till tomorrow. Oh, and by the way, the Seller's decided to leave for FL this am!!! (guess they thought they had it in the bag!! We figure they were pushing us for P&S so that they could feel comfortable buying a new house and boat in FL!) The Seller's atty sent our atty a P&S to sign with absolutley NO credits for the work that needed to be done and they had agreed on! So our realtor showed up Friday am and their contractors were a no show! We talked to our atty, took the estimates for the big items and split them in half, had him draw up a new P&S with a reduced sales price and said , for this price and the house as is. It took our atty all day to get hold of their atty who was out of the office and asked him to present it to our realtor, to give to her client's realtor who would give it to the Seller's. WOW! How about if we just do it all for them! So it is now Saturday and we have heard nothing. Our realtor heard last night from the other realtor that their contractor showed up in the afternoon, but they didn't call her to be there. Not playing nice. :(
So we do not know if they are still buying in FL this weekend or not. We have done all of our contractual obligations to this point. We were trying to meet their request for a P&S early and they pretty much had us jump through hoops for nothing.
So we are all stressed, ticked off, tired, in the middle of a freakin heat wave in an old house with no ac! We told our realtor this am that our P&S from yesterday is our final offer. We have eaten half the major repairs and ALL the minor repairs. We did everything they asked and are done.
We are having a miserable summer, the kids are as stressed as us.
We just want this to be done. I told her if it does not happen we are going to find a house to rent with space and our stuff and be comfortable and enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

Dan and Victoria taking the dogs for a beach swim in the am

"walking" the dogs :)
I sent Dan and Danny off with grampy and grammy boating for the weekend to enjoy themselves. We are having extensive girl time! We all slept in our undies in our big bed with both fans on last night and slept till 7am!!
Still no news on the sellers, but our realtor already sent the "we will accomplish this" email this am :)
I emailed right back, "yes we will, if they agree to our deal"
Will let you know!!!


Diana said...

Moving is a MAJOR pain in the rear. MAJOR!!! Did it two years ago. Hope to never do it again. Hope things work out with finding a house!!!

Sarah said...

Bless your heart...I would've run down the road screaming by now! Hope it all gets worked out soon.

Sally-Girl! said...

What is P&S? IS that an East Coast term? I have bought and sold many houses and never used or heard that saying!

I hope they sign and agree so your summer can get better!