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Friday, July 1, 2011

Final travel day!!

Funny Faces for breakfast!!
 Then we checked out of the hotel and headed on our last leg!! We had breakfast at Ih*p since we did not want to hit the morning rush hour. We hit NY about 9:30 and the traffic moved great! We hit the usual construction in Nothern NT and CT. But it was SO nice to finally hit the MA border!!! We decided to go straight to my sister's so we could drop off the trailer, then it turned into an impromptu get together and all the family came to see us!!
the boys talking :)

The girls playing :)

Gerri hanging with Grammy

Big discussions!

Danny was chasing the girls, but was pulling the wagon and it was slowing him down :)
 We stayed at a hotel the next town over and everyone was happy to finally be in beds for the first time in weeks!!!

Tomorrow am we head over to the rental house to meet the landlord, exchange $$ for the house keys.
It will be SO nice to be in one place for a bit.
The next week we hit the ground with the realtor!!!


hopeful one said...

so thrilled you are there and the sights of normalacy aren't too far off!!!

Jodi said...

Those pancakes sure looked good :) And that's a really nice pic of Danny and Gerri :)