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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post holiday Hangover

Saturday monring with Grampy getting ready to walk the dogs

The other two patiently waiting!

Yes, it was cold and we had the fire going :)

Ready to go to the airport, but still not feeling good :(

We drove Grammy and Grampy to the airport Saturday. Danny did great till it was time to say goodbye. He was sobbing so hard he could not talk :( He just kept saying that he wanted them to live near us and walk the dogs every day. He was really out of sorts that night and Sunday.

Here is Danny and Lexie just sitting in the back yard Sunday. Victoria was napping and Danny was sent outside to chill out. He sat out there for quite a while talking to Lexie :)

We will probably need to bring Ms V to the pediatrician tomorrow, she is still not feeling good and is now sounding really croupy :( Luckily Danny goes back to school tomorrow.

Friday, November 27, 2009

happy turkey day and day after!

The kids fingerpainting art project

Grampy preparing the bird

Playing in the fort with Grammy

We painted the windows!

The "art" gallery in the front hall

Mom and I setting the table

The guys taking care of the bird

mom and dad checking out the bird

We all sat down to dinner, Danny led us in saying grace.
Then we asked him what he was thankful for and he responded very quietly "my family" :)
We then raised our glasses to toast our families, those with us, those not with us and a special toast to Svetlana who will be with us next year!!
No pictures from dinner as we were all too busy eating :)

Today was a quiet day.
Victoria and Grampy watching "Cars" before lunch

Danny being silly at time out

"Sharing" a lolly with Grampy

Catch me Grampy!!

Family Movie time "Frosty"

Ms V is still sick :( she has not been sleepting well either, which makes it worse.
(which makes me very tired too)

Grampy and Grammy go home tomorrow so it will be a sad day :(

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We have company!!!

 hope everyone has a great thanksgiving with their loved ones :)

getting Grammy to do the pledge of allegiance!

Taking a stroll down the street :)

yes, ms v has her own princess mobile :)

loving me some Grampy!

The kiddos with Grampy and Grammy :)

The latest adoption news:
we have our ENTIRE dossier done except immigration approval!!!
The JAX office has been really great, responding to emails promptly.
They are just waiting on our package from central processing. Once they get it they will send us our fingerprint appointments. The great thing is it is only a 20 minute ride! (when we live down south we had to travel 2 hours each way) They already have our home study so hopefully it will all happen within the next month. We want to get our paperwork over to Europe so we can get registered ASAP.
We are still looking at traveling in the spring some time :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Busy

It has been crazy busy here!!
This past weekend we had cub scout stuff on Saturday. Danny and his fun with music class sang a song at a church on Sunday morning. Then a kid in Danny's class had a birthday party Sunday afternoon.
That is how you know your kid is getting older, they have more activities than you do :)
I had pictures, but can not find them on my netbook :(

This am the kids brought in their wrapped gifts for the families of the troops. For each gift they get a star for the tree with their name on it. The kids get to present the gifts at flag with the whole school watching.
Danny got to hang his two stars:

Victoria got to hang her two stars:

Then Victoria came home as she is not feeling good. A cold seems to be going around the school and Ms V is miserable! She was up 7 times last night!!!

On the adoption front we have ALL our paperwork done except immigration approval!!
(I guess doing 5 dossiers in the past 5 years helps?)
There is another family traveling this week to the same place and will give her hugs and kisses for us :)
We hope to see some new pics too :) :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check her out!!!!

Surprise!! PLEASE see the button to the right! Yes we are doing it again!!!! Any tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated!!! It will be used to help us with our incountry expenses. Any left over money will be donated to another Rainbow child looking for a home!
We will have more information as it happens :) The kids are SO excited!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


This past weekend was our first family campout with the cub scouts! We drove all the way over to Manatee Springs to the state campground. We saw so many deer in the state park right next to the road :) There were about 30 adults and kids all from the pack. Victoria even had a little buddy from her school there :)

Having dinner before we headed off to bed in the tent :)

we were all in bed by 8:30!

miss cranky pants all bundled up sat am watching a dvd

her hands were too cold to hold her cup herself :)

our campsite in the light of day! it was 51 this am!!

Breakfast Sat morning,pancakes, sausages and bacon! yum!

They even had propane coffee pots with DD coffee :)

Sat afternoon we walked all around the park, including the manatee lookout.
Fascinated by the turtles

If you look REALLY close you can see several manatees playing in the water

Playing at the gazebo, watching the manatees, turtles and fish

Danny running around the camp ground. He ran and played non stop all weekend :)

He only had to go to timeout once when he hit another kid on the head with a stick

taking a nap in the tent, tuckered out from all the playing

our little angel

The guys frying the turkeys:

There were 3 turkeys, but one was still frozen so we could not cook it up :(

We had our fried turkey dinner by the camp fire.

the fire kept us warm while we ate :)

Telling stories around the camp fire Sat night.

They even made s'mores!

Sunday morning it was 48 degrees!!!
We were up at 6:00, packed up and were on the road by 7:00 :)

So tired!! sleeping on the floor at nap time :)

Danny had so much fun. Victoria did too, just not in the morning!
We were all happy to be warm!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have(are) served(ing) our wonderful country!!

Hubby is out with Danny walking all over a big navy ship :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a big smile

All it takes is a new dress :)