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Monday, January 31, 2011

A VERY long day!

Taking a picture with Ronald - as she said, hey a clown!
The check-in area at Shriner's

At the 4th floor clinic, talking to daddy and Victoria

Coloring while we wait for the  Dr's

Getting measured by Dr vB and a resident
Then off to x-ray for MANY MANY pictures

She had me take this pic for Danny

Then we saw Dr vB and he sent us for another X-ray and to orthotics!!

Waiting for her improved AFO's and a new shoe lift

Watching the volunteers make dinner! bbq!
We left the RMH at 8:00 this morning and got back at 4:00!! We met with Dr vanBosse 3 x's today!! He is so wonderful! Thank heavens I had granola bars, fruit chews and raisins! Everything moved so efficiently, we never waited very long anywhere. Dr vB was actually interested in her UA X-rays, we left them so he could copy them. He took 13 different X-rays, he took so many measurements, we got her AFO's adjusted and a new lift put on her shoe.
We discovered lots of things today. We have a new plan and are so so so happy we came here!! Gerri will start her casting again, we are going to wait till we get home from our annual family vacation. As of right now we will be here for 4 Fridays in a row in March. We are also on the list to plan her surgery, she will need another hip surgery, old hardware out, hip osteomy needs to be redone, and both feet will need surgery to fix the bones. We hope to be able to do the surgery at one time, the hip surgery will require a full cast, mid body down to her toes for 6 weeks!!!
Dr vB was very diplomatic about our previous ortho Dr. He even dictated a letter to thank her :)
I did flat out ask if she should have had full leg casts after the surgery and tibia break and he said yes.
We also discovered that Gerri has mild scoliosis, luckily not severe.
We told Gerri about the casts, but she has not been told about the surgeries. We will wait till we know when it is scheduled and then sit down and talk. Very different plan than our previous Dr who wanted to wait a couple of months to see us.
Gerri was very tired from all the moving around. The adjustments to her AFO's were bothering her feet. I had no idea till I noticed how quiet she was and saw the tears in her eyes. It just kills me that she can not tell us when she is hurting :( I did not bring any kids medicines :(
We talked to home several times today, thank heavens she can not spell :)
We had an awesome BBQ meal tonight at RMH, Gerri was whipped so we got a DVD and brought it to the room, she had a bath and fell asleep within minutes!!
We have to get up very early tomorrow to get to the airport! We are praying the sleet/snow hold off!!
Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

On our way!!!

Hanging around at the airport, waiting for our plane to come in

It dawned on me when we got on the plane that the LAST time either of us was on a plane was 4/3/10 when we flew HOME from Ukraine!! We both chilled on the short flight listening to our Ipods.
We took a taxi to the the Ronald McDonald House and I said to Gerri do you remember the last time we rode in a taxi?? She could not remember, it was in Ukraine!!

Gerri LOVED the train set in the lobby

Nice room!!

Hanging out while I put things away
Grab bars everywhere! shower seat came in handy tonight!

She couldn't believe how many things I brought for her!
Relaxin while I check emails :)
Had to lay on the BIG pillow on the game room floor! They have xbox and PS2!!
so so cool!! and in the lobby too
It is made of parts of toys - Gerri was fascinated!

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Part of the play room right off the kitchen!
More of the huge playroom!
Playing cashier!!
A little bit of dress up!
A small section of the kitchen! A large group of volunteers started getting dinner ready :)
Gerri put her puzzles together they gave her at the front desk
A little bit of arts and crafts - her favorite thing!!
Her crafts!! Valentines for Danny, Victoria and Daddy!
We had a wonderful dinner!! Then relaxed, Gerri took a shower, settled into bed and watched Rapunzel.
Gerri is a bit nervous, not that she told me :) but I caught her chewing on her nails.
We called home so she could talk to everyone. So funny to hear them talk to each other. All they asked is "what are you doing" "what did you do today" " what did you eat" :)
Please pray for tomorrow, for whatever we hear.
I will let you all know as soon as I can!!
Please pray for no snow!! We fly out very early on Tuesday.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stressful, crazy week!

We had our follow-up appt with the ortho, Gerri walked in and signed in :)

Gerri kept herself  busy while we waited :)

She had an xray done with her standing up so the Dr could see her hip, legs and feet. The Dr looked at her feet and watched her walk. The Dr then had me look at the xray and said - you can see where I broke her tibia during the surgery, it did not heal straight so her leg curves out. But don't worry about it she will out grow it. And the break is above the growth plate so it won't affect her growth.  OK - let's back up here!! We were told after surgery that she had a broken bone in her FOOT but it would be ok since she had a cast on. Now I know I am not a dr, but don't you think a broken tibia would require a full leg cast??? They did an xray in the OR so they knew it was a broken tibia, but still did below the knee casts!? And since she had the adductor release in her groin she had a bar between her casts. Now it makes perfect sense why she was in SO much pain, especially when we had to pick her up!! This explains why she was SO mad at us because of the pain. Now we understand why the Dr gave us valium for her to take for pain. All along we were telling her this would be a simple procedure and you will be home quickly and all healed up!!!

Needless to say I did not think of all this while I was at the Dr's. I was so stunned by what she said, then the Dr added "oh and you can see there is some necrosis of bone on the head of the hip bone" - WHAT?!?!?!
Even after all this the Dr said, well we are not going to do anything right now, I'll see you in 2 months.

At this point I told her about us going to see Dr vanBosse in Philly next week. Her whole attitude changed and she told me that there is no need to have 2 Dr's. She also commented that Dr vB would NOT be happy when he sees the xray. ya think?
 I actually kept my calm, little ears were listening :) We made our appt for 2 months from now, took the xray with us and left. I called Dan on my way home to tell him all the interesting news and he was just as floored as I was! (Gerri was in the back seat with her headphones on watching a movie) It took me at least a day to get passed being furious. How can you send a child home knowing how much pain she will be in and not explain it to the parents? Our Dr does clubfeet in infants and I would like to believe just didn't think of the difference in a mobile 6 year old vs an infant.
We are SO very happy that we are going to Philly to see Dr's with lots of experience with kids with arthro and lots of experience with older kids :) :) It could not have happened at a better time!!
Of course now we have NO idea what will happen with the appts and where we will be going from here. I have the ipod touch all charged up with headphones so I can talk to the Dr while Gerri watches movies!

After the stressful Dr's visit the kids had to go to the dentist! Woo hoo- no cavities!!

just chillin out!! woo hoo - no cavities!!

Big cool dude!! woo hoo - no cavities!!

Ms V's class had a field trip to build a bear - first time eva!!

Doing the special heart process before it goes into the bear!

Pressing the button while her bear gets filled!

Have to take a bath before going home!

The girls got to put bows in their ears

She has her own house!! with birth certificate inside!

The whole class all done!

So happy to show off her bear!! All dressed up and ready to go! (matching shoes!)

Quick stop at the indoor playground!

All pooped out!!

We are in a puzzle phase!! But they take up too much room

So this is what I did!!
Big huge pile to this!!
The kids were SO excited they did several puzzles while I finished up!

I spent the day getting the house cleaned, clothes washed, beds changed and Gerri and I packed!!
We leave tomorrow am to fly up to Philly and the snow!!
I hope to have internet and be able to keep everyone up to date!!
Please pray that the news is not bad!
Danny and Victoria have been told to keep an eye on daddy, keep him busy and take care of him :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At the playground!

Yesterday was a busy day, kids at school while Dan and I went to social security then did Gerri's passport stuff :) The weather was nice, sunny and in the mid 60's!!! We went back to the park we have not gone to in quite a while, Gerri's first time while  mobile!! It is so cool to watch them play with each other and watch Gerri figure out how to do things:

On the BIG slide!!
Swinging in unison - NOT :)

Gerri wanted to do the rings SO bad, but her hand splints just don't allow a good grip :(

First time on a car!!!

All pooped out! time to go!